Congressman Cleaver Talks #MeToo Fear

A revelation that most politicos are more concerned with saving their own neck. Take a look:

Cleaver says Capitol Hill in a state of 'paranoia' after sexual harassment scandals

In the wake of a series of sexual harassment scandals, which have caused members of both parties to resign, U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Kansas City Democrat, said that many male members of Congress have grown fearful about their interactions with female colleagues.


  1. Just another thing for the cleave to be very afraid of! Lmao!!!

  2. Politicians aren't worried their campaign is funded from offshore numbers banks in Panama and Clair McCaskill isn't giving out her list of political pussy grabbers during her career. Maybe Danny Hastert has something on Cleaver?

  3. Almost every congressman has fucked the whores on his staff

  4. Black rape is ubiquitious Cleaver, any comment?

  5. Manny, some of us who worked for the Car Rental agency you were a hidden part-owner of still remember how you, Mrs. C and "you know who" used to return the trashed "rentals" every other month!

    Your "special friend" was cute enough but a slob back then and probably still is, and she sure isn't anyone you could "turn your back on", at least according to what Mrs. C, said (loudly and often, to anyone who'd listen) back then!

    She's also well-remembered enough in the area to create a real problem for you if she comes forward, so you must be sweating bullets, right?

  6. Might as well come clean Reverend Preacher. Claire McCaskill knows where the bodies are buried.


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