Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Can This Kansas City Veteran Oust Congressman Sam Graves Via Social Media?!?

This candidate has been taking his case to social media and attempting to answer a litany of stupid questions from d-bags outside of his district, here's a more informative look at his background. Checkit:

Democrat to make a run at 6th District House seat

An Army veteran who served in the Persian Gulf has decided to seek the Democratic nomination for the Missouri 6th District U.S. House seat. Henry Martin says the current congressman, Republican Sam Graves, a House member since 2001, has lost touch with the people he represents in North Missouri.


Anonymous said...

All the anti-Trump excitement is surfacing Democratic candidates for all sorts of offices across the country.
But if they're anything like the local crop, dreams of a great Dem sweep will vanish early on a Wednesday morning in November 2018.
Just being a minority, a veteran, a woman, or having lots of FaceBook and Twitter followers doesn't count for much of anything and, politically speaking, November 2018 is a thousand years away.
Historically for many decades, over 90% of Congressional incumbents win re-election. That's why the system is so screwed up.
Graves and Yoder locally are a lock.

Anonymous said...

Way over 90%, if I recall.

Anonymous said...

This has to be stolen valor. Any real Veteran is Republican. The rest are potential defectors and terrorists.

Retro ROCKER said...

He has his work cut out for him. With a unemployment rate in Missouri under four percent people will vote with there pocket books .Its a Long shot in a red state he will have to get the independent voters. And you know the independent voters are SMARTER THAN THE AVERAGE BEAR. .