Broke-Ass Kansas City For Christmas: Salvation Army Desperately Seeking $300K

Blame hard time or the failure of trickle-down economics. Here's one of the most worthwhile local charities struggling to meet the needs of local po'folk despite increasing disagreement with their politics. Take a look:

Salvation Army needs help to meet red kettle goal in KC metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Salvation Army is $300,000 behind its red kettle goal in the Kansas City metro this year. "People don't carry as much change," said Major David Harvey with the Salvation Army. The season of giving has taken a hit nationwide with red kettle contributions being down in other cities as well.


  1. How do other non profits get in line to annoy shoppers with loud bells to collect donations?

  2. People are paying the highest water bills ever and utilities. They would have more to put in the kettle but they are being extorted.

  3. How big are Bitcoins ? Will they fit in the kettles ?

  4. I told them they ought to use hookers in hot pants. Santa Clause and a bowl of soup can only get you so far.

  5. I see the comments from the local Kansas City Atheist Polycucks are slow this time.

    Their stringy haired wiseass leaders is losing his touch.

  6. They're faith based. Maybe God is sending a message that it's time to move on from the red kettle jingle and figure out something new. Or just own the fact that most people 35 and under see through the charade of church and region.


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