Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blogging The Kansas City Snow Day

Great comeback post from one of the best sports writers in this town's history. Nice trip down memory lane for the baby boomer gen. Take a look:

The Art of Shoveling Snow

The foot of snow that fell overnight covered the two concrete strips that made up our "driveway." American homebuilders were a more frugal lot back in the late 1920s when my childhood home in South Omaha was built.


chuck said...

Kansas City's Garrison Keillor (Sans the perv out shit.) hits another double off of the wall.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

I used to like Hall, but now he's as full of shit as the media he used to cover. What a boring column.

Super Dave said...

Greg IMHO has always been a good story teller. I hope we start seeing more of them.