Saturday, December 09, 2017

Beloved Officer Wagstaff Talks About Bullet In His Head And So Much Community Support

Forgive us this inspiring link as an officer injured in the line of duty jokes with the crowd and shares his thanks for an outpouring of love . . . ‘I still have the bullet in my head,’ Independence officer tells homecoming gathering. Read more:

Officer Tom Wagstaff speaks at ceremony in his honor

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- After making a miraculous recovery, Independence Police Officer Tom Wagstaff is finally home. The Independence Police Department, city officials, and the community thanked him for his sacrifice at a Saturday ceremony in his honor. Wagstaff, his wife, and their two boys spoke publicly for the first time in eight months after their lives changed forever.


Anonymous said...

The bullet catcher speaks.

Anonymous said...

When do we get the details of how he caught another cop's bullet? The burglar suspects were never charged with shooting anybody.

IPD, it's not gonna go away. Get honest instead of hoping 8 months, a motorcade, and celebrations will consume our attention.

Master Officer Barney Fife said...

What part of "DUCK" did you not get???

Anonymous said...

Heard this was blue on blue. Sad.