Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Axiom Movie: Remington Research Group

We've talked about this local polling firm started by GOP political titan Jeff Roe . . . Here's a glimpse at their latest bit of publicity and behind the scenes as Midterm Election 2018 ramps up.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Political Titan? How about political overeater?

Anonymous said...

Remington Research reminds me of the "Financial Forecasters" who have predicted twenty-eight of the last six rises in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

They cite three of their correct forecasts, how many forecasts have they made in the same period?
Is Jeff Roe the next L. Ron Hubbard?
Or is Jeff Roe the next THREE L. Ron Hubbards?

Anonymous said...

Whether the candidate wins or loses, people like Roe walk away with a nice wad of cash. There's always SOMEBODY who believes the next fake poll or "this just can't lose" strategy. That's why Ted Cruz is president!
And the more irrelevant sleeze that dished out by Roe and others, the lower the voter turnout goes.
How's the setup for the next round of KCI terminal television ads coming?

Anonymous said...

He's sleazy. Axiom is sleazy.