Thursday, November 09, 2017

With Stat Science Curb Kansas City Crime???

A look at data-driven strategy to cope with rising property theft in Midtown . . .

KC police say new crime coordinator will use stats to prevent crime in the city

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police said three midtown burglary suspects are in custody and a problem property in the Northland is in check thanks to the department's recommitment to analyzing crime data. Thursday, the department introduced Sgt. Jonas Baughman as the city's first crime coordinator.


Anonymous said...

As KCPD rolls out yet another "solution" to the crime, violence, and murder issues in KCMO, it might be worthwhile to remember that one of the key elements of NoVa was a collection and analysis of crime data and gang relationships done by contract with UMKC.
In no time at all, the public was told, "data driven decision-making", the latest empty buzzword, was going to enable the city to clear away the gangs and get homicides under control.
That was literally hundreds of murders ago.
You can tell how much emphasis is being put on this new job by the fact that it's going to be filled by a sergeant.
ANYTHING but actually identifying and addressing the actual problem.

Super Dave said...

Past stats prove this Sgt. Jonas will draw a decent check and solve nothing but will look good on camera while doing nothing to stop anything.

Anonymous said...

The clip from anchor man really says it best. When meeting his new station manager.

Anonymous said...

The police need to address the "community" where the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers in the perpetrators lives knowingly harbor these criminals? Surely, these folks know what is going on in their homes.

They talk, in barbershops, beauty shops, and nail salons too, wherever they meet.

As the homicide numbers continue to climb, it is due in no small part to the silence of all those involved in the daily life of the criminals.