Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wall Street Journal Fact Check Kansas Democratic Party Election Season 2018 Pile-On Against Guv. Brownback Legacy

Tonight Democratic Party denizens in Kansas are rallying and asking WHAT NOW? as they fight for control of JoCo . . . Meanwhile, the financial community is working diligently to protect the interests of big biz.

Here's a link for those smart enough to pony up a bit for decent reporting . . .

The Democrats' Kansas Distraction

They're trying to make my state's 2012 tax cuts into a cautionary tale, but there's no comparison.


Anonymous said...

MainStream Coalition is not a Democratic party organization.

They are independent. They endorse moderate republicans (aka Rinos to some) and conservative dems.

If this was a Moveon meeting, that could be called liberal, leftist, Democratic supporting, whatever.

MainStream is centrist. Many moderate GOPers are disgusted with how Brownback screwed up the state budget. That was extreme. There is nothing truly conservative about mismanaging the state finances into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Retro-Repubs , I like it

Anonymous said...

Yes, a totally unbiased WSJ article by (drum roll please), new GOP Congressman Ron Estes of the 4th District of KS.

Yes, that Ron Estes, former Vice Chair of the Kansas Republican Party and consultant for Koch Industries.

Fair and balanced defense of Brownback's tax plan to be sure.

Anonymous said...

11:23 If you were able to criticize the substance of the article, surely you would have done so. So either he's right in all respects, or you're just not up to the task. Which?

Anonymous said...

Sidie 2018!