Tracy Takes On Public School Transportation

On her JoCo blog, Tracy offers a hard-line fiscal Conservative perspective targeting dreamers and "latch-key" students in order to save homeowners some cash. Checkit: Shawnee Mission School Board race--afraid to discuss the two elephants in the room--(bussing and overpaid admin)--which is how Blue Valley is costing SM middle class homeowners $30 grand in resale value


  1. Brilliant, dead on the money.

  2. Misinformed, stupid and cruel. Also imaginary. Typical Republican. But I guess I'm glad Tracy is staying in her bubble. Let them deal with her.

  3. 6:06 Are those "Hate" facts?

    Oh..., sorry.

  4. Prairie Village homeowner11/1/17, 7:47 AM

    Tracy tells it like it is. I hope voters wake up.
    The candidates for school board are playing all nicey-nice--afraid to tell us the real truth. Shawnee Mission is way behind Blue Valley Schools--so who is best equipped to FIX this??

  5. Shawanoe parent11/1/17, 7:50 AM

    This is why I am skeptical of Westbrooke Green coming in with over 500 more apartments at 75th & quivira. The developers claim they will be "upscale with very few kids"--but when that fails, what's to prevent them from flipping it to another landlord who will go with subsidized housing?

  6. Tracy is Republican, but hardly typical. She has a long record of calling out folks including elected officials and developers who don't care about the average homeowner. The game nowadays is government subsidy of remodel their shopping centers and gerrymander our school districts to suit their personal agendas. Thank you, Tracy. I wasn't planning on voting, now I wll.

  7. This is the stuff I don't like to talk about with my Bernie Sanders neighbors. They just don't seem to get it.

  8. Hey, 7:23--it's not "hate"--it's fear of losing a buttload of my hard-earned money. Actually not even fear. It's the facts.

  9. ^^^
    Agree with 7:58--
    I am sick and tired of elected officials being so cowed they will give away the farm--and the savings I have socked away from actually WORKING all my life, because they are too chicken to stand up for what's right.

    Neighborhood schools. No bussing.

  10. Make.Shawnee Mission. Great.Again.

  11. Retired teacher sick of board cowardice11/1/17, 8:06 AM

    LOL, love your irony, 8:03. Aint it the truth tho?
    I will vote, just no yard signs for Mrs. Hunter...
    don't want the lib snowflakes stealing them.

  12. Tracy--thank you for opening my eyes. I hadn't realized how bad it is getting, since my kids are in college, I thought I didn't need to worry any more.

  13. So true about Ousley and Guy talking the liberal agenda--and would be more comfortable living in KCMO. Maybe they could move to Brookside? Or at least Waldo. If they're for all these guilty giveaways, why do they even live in Johnson County??

  14. At least here in Johnson County, we can go vote NOW--whereas stupid KCMO does not have advance voting. I guess so they can make sure when Freedom pays folk to vote, like for the newKCI, they just have to hand out the cash that one morning.

    Both sides of the state line are rigging elections to suit the Suits! Under the disguise of "we care about you". No they don't. Ousley is bought and paid for by unions. (In her case, NEA and Labor.) Same as the newKCI hucksters.

  15. Peggy in Leawood11/1/17, 8:22 AM

    Am I missing something? Mandi Hunter is endorsed by a slew of elected officials who basically do the bidding for Blue Valley HOA's and developers--AND by Tracy Thomas in Shawnee at JocoPost?

    It must be bad in Joco when those two Republican factions both back Hunter.
    Oh yeah--Heather Ousley. The Joco version of Hillary Clinton, finally outed herself as a super liberal Democrat, willing to gerrymander and bus, to assuage her liberal guilt. And promote her galloping ambitions. Now I get it.

    I'll vote for Hunter. Just no yard sign.

  16. John Coctostan11/1/17, 10:19 AM

    Tracy: So what are we to do with all of these contemptible "latchkey apartment kids"? Fuck 'em, they're on their own? Late, late term abortion? Kill their poor (socioeconomic term, not sympathy) parents and make these latchkey apartment kids wards of the state? Seriously, what do we do with these kids? I get it that you don't want them living in your neighborhood, but these are children, and society really should not throw them to the wolves.

  17. Tracy makes some very good points and food for thought.

  18. Well, 10:19--first, thanks for signing with a name, John Coctostan.
    And thanks for asking.

    I believe in providing an excellent education to EVERY student in SMSD.
    And as a former teacher in Wichita, who graduated magna cum laude from Wichita State, and was president of Mortar Board, I can tell you this is possible.
    It is NOT required to to bus kids or gerrymander districts to artificially elevate test scores.
    If one has a school surrounded by apartments, with 28% ESL kids, then make that work--beef up teachers aides in those classrooms, and teach them English. But with trained aides, not dragooning the smarter kids into being free tutors. And don't bus in higher achieving students--as Heather Ousley would do, and said as much in the one hour debate. The link for that is on a previous post on

    The concept of the "one room schoolhouse" is passe and it doesn't serve all the students. It drags down the higher achievers, who get no attention.

    So, there are much better ways to help THOSE WHO NEED MORE HELP.

    Also, afterschool English classes, for the latchkey kids, would be great--because if they live with a single parent who often works second shift starting at 3pm, if they walk across the street to their apartment, they're just gonna be watching TV or playing video games.

    If we quit having so many high falutin' overpaid administrators, we can DIVERT some of that to our district's high ESL schools. Let kids walk to their neighborhood schools. No busing. And no free child labor tutoring. Real reading assistants. That's what we need.

    Thank you for asking. Your snide remarks about contempt, and wolves, is histrionic name calling. And misplaced, when it comes to me--you don't know all I've done. Let's be smart. A vote for Mandi Hunter is our best strategy for actually solving problems and returning Shawnee Mission district to academic greatness.

  19. Tracy is not only seems very racist but also like she wrote half of these comments agreeing with herself.

  20. Hey, 2:26. Playing the race card, typical of a coward who is anonymous. What are YOUR solutions? What have you ever done?
    Have you joined a black church?
    Have you served on the board of the Urban League?
    Have you marched for equal justice as I have?
    Have your registered voters in the inner city at the height of the race riots?
    Have you been a Big Brother or Big Sister?
    Have you been a trained respite provider for teenage foster kids, and hosted four each weekend in your home, teaching them skills and societal values?
    Have you tutored Peruvian immigrants in learning to read English?

    Have you coached illegal Mexican immigrants in how to ask for a raise and demonstrate the value they bring to their places of employment?

    Have you advised illegal Mexican immigrants how to safely travel across the country, for a family vacation in our nation's capital--tips for not being arrested or deported, because Kansas stopped allowing them to have a drivers license? They pay more to insure their cars, and drive very cautiously, but if stopped in bumf@#k Tennessee, no sanctuary cities there, would be subject to arrest, deportation, loss of their home and separation from their three dependent American-born children?

    I look out for my friends. I tell it like it is, even in Stepford Johnson County. I am solution oriented. And smarter at picking candidates, apparently.

    So don't call me racist. If you'd like to debate me, name the time and place, and use your name, you anonymous race-baiting coward/schmuck.

    1. So you admit to aiding & abetting illegal criminal immigrants, then I please ask of you to stop stepping all over the constitution in your noble gestures !!!!!!!

  21. Johnson County south of 103rd should build a wall.

  22. Clever, 6:34.

    I know I'm sitting in for Ed McMahan here, with a softball, here in the 5th inning of the Astros beating the LA Dodgers, but:
    Who would build it???


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