Thursday, November 09, 2017


More deets about the local killings where robbery or personal disputes aren't part of the motive . . .

Fox4KC: Family and friends frustrated as police still search for ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect in two metro homicides

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I hope Jerome gets killed soon, along with whoever is hiding him out. That is the only way for justice in this case.

Anonymous said...


The POLICE can't do anything anymore because the Degenerate Communist Cockroach Democratic Liberals have tied their hands, so they can't do much as far arrests and apprehension.

Do you blame them ????

You hired to do a job, but, the Communist Degenerate pathetic scumbag liberals are always filing complaints against the cops for anything & everything and then the CITY has to PAY MILLIONS of Dollars to those very Degenerate THUGS & Criminals that are wanted for crimes they purposely committed !!

So whats the use of catching criminals, if the Communist Liberal assholes at CITY HALL are just going to dole out MONEY to the very criminals & Thugs the police are trying to catch !!!

See recent news investigation where city of KCMO pays out hundreds of millions of dollars to Criminals in KCMO for bogus complaints.

This is what happens when you let Communist / Marxist Democratic Liberals run anything, especially an entire city !!!

LOOK at Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Saint Louis, all Liberal run cities by Degenerate Communist scumbag bastards !!!!

Steve Hanson said...

More black on white murders. I bet the Kansas City Star will still insist that there is more white on black violence then there is black on white crimes. Just as they did with the Indian Creak Trail murders. I'm also getting tired of the scumbag libtards running our cities. It is time for libtard snowflakes, hipsters, the mainstream media, Sly James, and all of the other moron democrat leaning shitheads pull their collective heads out of their asses, which will never happen.

Anonymous said...

But we need a new airport, sLIE says, I ain’t gots no time fo nottin but de airpote

Anonymous said...

Crazy Clown AKA Chuck Lowe, shut the fuck up you pedo bastard.

Anonymous said...

Well over 100 homicides in KCMO year after year and less than 50% of them are ever solved.
There are LOTS of murderers roaming the streets and lots of families frustrated by the lack of success that the PD has in finding the killers.
Of course, in most cases the families and others who could provide information and cooperate with the cops don't, so it's hard to make the case that "the problem belongs to us all".
No leadership from city hall, the police board, the self-appointed "leaders" of the black community, or any of the many dozens of ineffective nonprofits or taxpayer-funded programs.
Same old tired story year after year.