TKC Sunday Night Contemplation: Faith And Reason Amid Kansas City Season Of Hype

Here's a lame Kansas City fashion accessory for a good cause . . .

Charlie Hustle: "We’ve collaborated with @MayorSlyJames to create this limited edition holiday t-shirt. Proceeds will benefit the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund. Get festive this holiday season and Stay Frosty KC!"

That's nice considering that there are so many more hobos in Kansas City who need help . . . Any collaboration in order to take care of these scallywags is important.

Still, there's still a great deal of political debating left to do this year and we encourage the denizens of our blog community not to let their guard down.

During this time of year, acknowledging peace, love and and understanding among humankind is important but that still doesn't mean that Santa Claus exists. Similarly, Kansas City voters can't afford to play the nice guy amid end of year budget debates and impending financial crisis. 

And so we enjoy the festivities and watch local politicos play the Grinch while trying to prey upon the better angels of sentimental and misinformed taxpayers.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Cool shirt.

    I'd guy one if it wasn't $49.95

  2. ^^^ Cheapskate.

  3. I'd suck Byron's dick this Christmas.

  4. Yup, 1972 or later VW Bus, judging from the windshield.

    Far too cool and reliable a vehicle to be a fair representation of Kansas City!

    This is more of a Dodge Aries sort of town.

  5. T-shirt fashion is what passes as high fashion here in KC.

  6. 40 fucking dollars?

    Um. Nah?

  7. The Greater Kansas City Aryan11/20/17, 12:10 AM

    40 a pop. I bought 3 because I support KC and that's how I roll. It's good to be the king.

  8. Not the King, more like the "DUPE OF E.ARL"

  9. First of all, where does the money from the fund actually go?

  10. To the Mayor himself, of course, so he can continue "doing lots of good" in the Urban Core.


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