Thursday, November 09, 2017


The fight for the new Kansas City airport isn't over, in fact, it just started.

Kansas City noobs, newsies and infrequent voters didn't read the text of the latest vote and might not understand that there's still a great deal of debate confronting Kansas City regarding the future of KCI.

Only Mayor Sly and his army of consultant creeps want total submission from the electorate after a low turnout mostly rigged election . . .

Accordingly . . .


Remember that she didn't sign on to the new airport hype and now seems to be dedicated to making sure the taxpayers aren't getting fleeced on the upcoming deal.

Here's the word . . .

Councilwoman Heather Hall On KCI Airport

Citizens of District 1, Kansas City and Clay County,

The people of Kansas City voted Tuesday to construct a single terminal at KCI. Through the entire process, I will work to ensure:

1. That the people of KC get a vote

2. There needs to be transparency in the process (see Ordinance 170552)

3. A detailed MOU with the developer to ensure proper MBE/WBE requirements are being met, timelines are accurate and budgets do not exceed reasonable amounts.

4. Most importantly, No annual appropriations of City funds will be spent on the airport (see Ordinance 170836)

I will continue to have the best interest for the people of District 1, Kansas City and Clay County as my number one priority as the process moves forward.

Best regards,

Heather Hall
1st District In-District

Northland denizens send the note our way . . .

And now a round-up of far less forthright conversation on the new airport . . .

Construction Promises Start Now

City promises no construction impact to passengers at current KCI

Flights will continue out of Terminals B and C, Terminal A will be demolished to make way for the new single-terminal structure.

Dead-Tree Armchair Analysis

Why did the KCI campaign win in a landslide? Here are some reasons

Anyone who tells you he or she knew the new KCI terminal would win 3-1 is lying. Sure, lots of people predicted the measure would pass, perhaps easily. The most optimistic outsiders thought it might win by 10 points or so. It won by 50 points. That kind of landslide tells a story.

The KCMO Agenda Takes Flight

What's next after voters approve new single terminal at KCI?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One day after a landslide election to approve building a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport, the mayor said it is time to reward voters for their faith. At a news conference Wednesday morning, Kansas City Mayor Sly James called Tuesday's election result a "resounding vote of confidence."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

This is where the public really needs to watch Sly. The looting here is going to be incredible and possibly illegal.

Greedo said...

Government by unions and construction companies is rarely a good idea, glad somebody is encouraging a bit of oversight. The trough is going to be very crowded and Edgemoor isn't capable of "managing" KC interests at all. They're small time.

Anonymous said...

Really like that that this information is out there.

Now, are we ever going to see new airport designs?

I think the public has a right to vote on them and decide what kind of airport we want!

You heard it here first said...

I'll translate for you TKC - Burns & Mac isn't out of this thing yet. Not by a LONGSHOT.

You're welcome and love the blog. Just wanted to send this your way so you had it FIRST!

Anonymous said...

Don't count on any reporting on the corruption of these deals until the Feds start bracing people. Glad to see there's SOMEBODY out there that knows the struggle on this new airport has just started.

Super Dave said...

Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, more smoke and mirrors in an attempt to make the taxpayer think she is really there for them.

Anonymous said...

A thousand thanks to Heather Hall for her on-going efforts to protect the interests of the taxpayers. It is not easy to withstand the Chamber and all the firms that want an obscene slice of the pie. Promises of future jobs and campaign contributions. Plus consulting contracts. The rest of the Clowncil caved.
Thanks again, Heather Hall.

Anonymous said...

When we voted on the Sprint Center they promised us an NBA or NHL team
and we did not get a team.To get us to vote for the new airport they said we could possibly get the new Amazon hq which will never happen either. What's the next phony lure that they'll use on gullible voters?

Anonymous said...

I hope she means it. It would be the first time this bunch of thieves were accountable.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Agree 100%

She stood up against everyone else on the council with her no vote earlier this year. Glad to see she's ready to put in work!

Anonymous said...

As to the very 1st commenter above, it will do no good for the "PUBLIC" to watch Corrupt Mayor and liar & con artist SLY JAMES .

The Public will never gain access to critical documents and information and actual contracts to shed any light on corruption & Fraud and bid rigging.

Nor will they have the money to spend on quality attorneys to look into & investigate any corruption.

This is however where the Missouri State Gov. and Missouri State Auditor should step in and over see this process from start to finish.

as well as the FBI and MBI(Missouri Bureau of Investigation) should any corruption & fraud arise out of all this phony new airport bullshit they've cooked up.

But it appears the last 4 to 5 years the FBI has taken a backseat to do anything as were seeing on many fronts ,,,,,,,,

They seem to forget or have been purposely understaffed by the last Degenerate Communist Cockroach bastard O'bama,, and don't seem to investigate much of anything anymore,,,, involving PUBLIC TAX PAYER FUNDS !!!

Prime Example is Sly James fuckin' TOY TRAIN that according to that lyin commie' bastard has more riders than San Francisco and Seattle and TOKYO JAPAN combined ?????????????

NOT to mention KCMO has NO Actual TOY TRAIN maintenance repair facility which surfaced earlier in the news this year !!!!

Just remember if you ever see that Degenerate worthless cockroach scumbag bastard out in public somewhere - ya' know what to do, along with that fat ass Troy Schulte Prick !!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh for crying out loud. Now the mayor "wannabees" and council "wish they weres" are going to get in there and muck up the works just like they did with the Downtown hotel.

Why does this always happen??

OKC has 9 new medium sized Downtown hotels either on the drawing board, under construction or just opened, with construction of a new convention center and convention hotel underway. They also have a 7 mile streetcar system under construction.

So, let's quit fucking around with this, kick the butthurt losers to the side and move the fuck on with life.

Anonymous said...

"rigged election"

It's funny to take a step back and listen to you morons. It really really is.

Super Dave said...

^^^^^^ It was, just not in a form you might think of as rigged.

1. The word rigged is used to describe situations where unfair advantages are given to one side of a conflict.

The real truth has not at all come out about the new airport in the media or by elected officials and those they do business with. They made sure you only heard what they wanted you to hear to get your vote. Therefore the wordage of rigged applies very well.

Tug Speedman said...

Let's face it, Simple Dave, "rigged" means "it didn't go my way!"

Using your definition, everything in this nation of ours is rigged, as the law/government is heavily tipped in favor of the richest .1%. Always has been, seemingly always will be.

Kirk Lazarus said...

P.S. Stop chasing butterflies with a mallet.

Anonymous said...

She found out sLIE’s cut is bigger than hers so now she’s pissed off

Anonymous said...

Well, Well it seems we have some know it alls here on this forum, that think they know a whole lot more than they actually do or have ever been involved with in the construction side and BIDS of projects !

So,,,, know it alls , care to tell everybody about the 1990's KCMO City Hall SCAM involving the BLUE RIVER Widening project that took place ????

Now I know something about that particular project, as I was involved in that Reconstruction project and became a Whistle Blower to the state and FBI at the time, which opened up a whole can of worms into KCMO City Hall construction Shady Construction Jobs and Bidding process !

But go on tell everybody what you know about how it works, we'd be real interested in hearing you make fools of yourselves !!!

OR,, how about the KCPS / Kansas City Public Schools Construction Projects as well as a certain KCPS Superintendent who was collecting workers comp insurance thru the KCPS at time for a supposed back injury,, but was caught by a local KC News team down in FLORIDA at his 2nd home doing physical construction work himself with a supposed back injury while collecting workmans comp back in the 1990's !

Tell everybody all about what you know and how it all went down and came about and the after math of consequences that was all over the news media weekly for quite a while !!!

Since ya'll know so much about FRAUD & CORRUPTION and Big Rigging and under the table secret deals.

Lets look at back also just a few years ago at the MAJOR Corruption of ALL City Officials in Bell , California as well !!

Bell, Calif. city manager gets 12 years prison for $6 million corruption scheme

News Link :

8 CITY OFFICIALS Arrested in Million Dollar Corruption Scheme :

Anonymous said...

Crazy clown go eat a snickers, your not yourself when your hungry!

Go ahead and tell us about the blue river project that I thought was a federal gig involving the Corp of engineers

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9:24... OMG my number one dream in life has always been to move to Oklahoma City!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yip better then New York kid. The big city!

Anonymous said...

Sly promised no taxpayer money for rebuild.
If five cents of taxpayer money is used to redo sewer lines,
Slyme will have made himself a liar.
If ten cents is spent for KCPD to help with traffic around job site, Slyme will have made himself a liar.
We will be fortunate if the taxpayers are not stuck for a billion.
Chump change for a player like Sly. Not his money.
As a dead fish stinks from the head, the corruption of Killa City emanates down from the top.
When Hizzoner says nothing can be done about the murder rate, he means he could care less about all the senseless killing.

Anonymous said...

^^^ ABSOLUTELY agree. Fudging shame all the way around.