Friday, November 10, 2017

TKC Friday Fun Fact: Kraske Cheerleading For Mayor Sly James Irks Kansas City

Kansas City voters want a new airport but NOBODY likes a kiss-up.

And this morning, here's just a bit of insight into the sausage-making (nullus) of local journalism . . .


Actually, it was the 2nd most popular thing we posted yesterday.

Accordingly, here are some of KICK-ASS TKC READER CHOICE QUOTES that rebuke mainstream accolades of the local status quo . . .

Reader "Back To Basics" Demand - "How about an functional infrastructure? How about a reduction in crime? How about an educated workforce? NOPE, can't put your name on any of that."

Wisdom From The TKC Comments - So we've proven that in KC it's possible to fool some of the people all of the time. It's just too bad that the fooled consist of what is supposed to pass for local "journalists" and "reporters".

Following The Money: "Kraske on krack? The Star just paying it tribute for past tax breaks."

Super Dave Questions KCMO Progress: "Yup KC is on a roll, it's rolling right along gaining speed heading to the poor house."

Talking Airport Mechanics: "Now it appears Terminal A, which was to be demolished first, is the primary source of electrical and water lines for all three terminals.. let's hear you on that, Kraske. With the general slime factor of the whole deal, your praises ring hollow."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The election was won by mailers, not newspapers. There's a BIG difference.

Anonymous said...

The election was bought by $2 million. The KC Star is nothing more than a tabloid.

Anonymous said...

If the citizens let them tear down terminal A before the FAA and TSA approve ta plan, we will be sorry.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that there are City Crews are out knocking holes in the roof of Terminal A today.

I'm not against progress, but I am against fiscal irresponsibility.
The City still has over $200 million in Airport Revenue Bonds to pay off for the last renovation at KCI, and Edgemoor will not be absorbing that debt into the financing package they put together.

After a Memorandum of Understanding is signed, Edgemoor has complete control of the distribution of all Airport Revenues, and they will have no obligation to service KC's existing indebtedness. If they declare that all revenues are required to service their own borrowing, he City gets bupkis, and the payment of that $200 million comes directly from General Tax Funds.

If Edgemoor borrows a Billion, or Two Billion, or even Three Billion, and then decides to pull a "Trump", declare bankruptcy, dissolve and leave their Lenders holding the bag, guess who those lenders will look to? Right Class, they will look to Kansas city to make them whole. If not, we at least have a "new" Airport, with long walks to the gates, long waits at security, and poor climate control, just like all of the Cities that have built this same design over the last twenty-five years.

Anonymous said...

we'll have an energy-saving building that's 75 in the summer and 65 in the winter?

it'll be so green.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Sly ONLY wears bow ties! Ain't he a hoot?

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for TKC no one would know the Star was still being published.

Anonymous said...

Krapske is as irrelevant as he is homely. Who cares if he keeps that schnoz of his up Slime’s black butt.

Anonymous said...

Evidently Steve Kraske has had some sort BRAIN Malfunction somewhere recently !!!

As a Long time Kansas citian its hard to believe that Steve Kraske could be that STUPID !!!

especially givin the business he is in and the FRAUD & CORRUPTION he has seen thru the years in Kansas city !!!

He should know better !!! shame on him !!!