TKC Follow-Up Question: Do You Feel Safe Riding The Bus In Kansas City???

We talked about the new KCPD Transit Unit (No Fishsticks) recently and here's a bit of follow-up on how it might be working to at least protect bus drivers and possibly clean up some of the most dangerous stops in Kansas City. Take a look:

KCATA: Partnership with police leads to fewer attacks on operators

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Police Officer Christopher Sticken is a familiar face at the 31st and Troost bus stop. "We'll pull up and they'll immediately start walking away," Sticken said of the crowds that loiter on the corner. He's one of the two officers who make up the KCPD Transit Unit.


  1. I will now start riding the bus to work.

  2. They don’t have the bus in my neck of rthe woods, thank god!

  3. Yes I feel safe. But I am armed and ready to shoot and kill an urban hood rat for any reason at all. Would I feel safe if I was some weak dick millenial? Definitely not.

  4. Depends on what time it is and what area of town I will be riding. Anything east of Main is a no go.

  5. I don't feel safe sitting in my house.

  6. The good news is you are never going to get in a wreck on the bus because the hood boons keep shooting the drivers.

  7. Of course I don't feel safe riding the bus, or standing at a bus stop, or walking on the street, or anything else in this town. The bad guys have taken over. No one is safe.

  8. We need to do a better job of overcoming the stigmas associated with riding the bus. There are many things we can do to improve the public transit experience in Kansas City, but we need to increase ridership and provide KCATA with the feedback they need to make these improvements.

    Most folks in Northeast are surprised when I tell them that they can ride the bus directly to Boulevard Brewery or Swope Park without a transfer. I'm working on some strategies for making this more widely known.

    Anyway, having KCPD as a partner is another great step for improving the Ride KC experience.

  9. Just TWO COPS for the entire bus system?
    Wow! I feel safer already!

  10. Hmmmm, how I'll "feel" safe on the bus? Lemme see here.
    Kevlar suit? Check!
    Riot helmet? Check!
    Lysol spray? Check!
    Clorox wipes? Check!
    CCW? Check!
    Rose colored glasses? Damn it, forgot to buy those!

  11. I feel safe on the buses, it is the motorist I am scared of.

  12. @the esteemed Esq. BMS, says the guy who wouldn't be caught dead riding the bus with either 1) thugs that permeate the bus system, or 2) riff-raff that he considers to be anyone that doesn't share his prorgessive ideals.

  13. As a highly educated affluent smarter than the rest of the filth on this blog, YES I feel ok riding the buses. Since everyone knows I am a MIZZOU grad, everyone loves and respects me, including bus patrons. That’s why I ride both the bus/Max and the Streetcar. And the fact I piss you people off makes it even better. And I know you people will do nothing about it.

  14. I love and respect you, Joseph Turner.

    As for me riding the bus, no. One negro is too many.


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