Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Here's why the soft sell has been working for out-of-town consultants . . . Basically, Kansas City Democracy is failing.

Today's testimony . . .


Proof . . . There have been few yard signs for residents and a surprisingly low number of signs clogging up the right of ways, fewer billboards and mostly fake news for people who have already made up their minds or need talking points to keep from being convinced otherwise.

Media insider . . . In the last weekend of the campaign more than $100K worth of television adverts were PULLED because more people voting trended toward larger percentage gains of NO Votes.

And here's the MSM round-up of some of the better links offering insight into what we've already reported . . .

Numbers Coming In Low

Kansas City Election Board expects low turnout for KCI vote

Kansas City voters decide Tuesday whether to move forward with a new terminal at KCI airport. While voter turnout is projected to be low, anxiety could be high for supporters of the plan to replace the 45-year-old horseshoe-shaped terminals. The day before the election, Kansas City election board director Shawn Kieffer hoped people wouldn't second-guess getting out to vote.

Push Among Pilots

Pilots share mixed opinions on possible new KCI terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A day before the vote on the future of Kansas City International Airport, metro pilots weighed in on the issue and expressed mixed reactions on if a new terminal is needed. Wes McCullough, who retired as a commercial pilot in 1998, flew for TWA for more than 30 years.

National Look At KC's Plight

Kansas City's $1B airport revamp hinges on vote by residents

(Photo: Kansas City International Airport) KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A nearly $1 billion remodel of Kansas City International Airport will either provide an important boost to the city's economy, air service and national reputation, or it will be colossal waste of money designed to line the pockets of airlines and contractors while making air travel less convenient.

You decide . . .


Another Midtown Mom said...

So this might be good news.

My polling place was somewhat crowded this morning and I couldn't help but notice a few, new faces. That's a good thing no matter how this vote turns out.

Anonymous said...

Just voted NO. And told my wife to do the same. Had her show me her ballot before she turned it in.

THAT is how it's done.

Sorry. Not sorry.

Real KC said...

^^^ Enjoy your Clorox steak dinner tonight!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it matters one way or another.

They're going to push this thing through no matter what voters say.

Anonymous said...

Well @8:41AM, me and my family of four just got back from voting yes. Looks like we canceled you and your subservient wife out, plus added two more yes votes to the pile. THAT'S HOW IT"S DONE! Not sorry at all!! Night-night now!

Anonymous said...

As predicted the KC Peckerwoods won't put down the PBR long enough to vote so get on your flying clothes and prepare to dig into that wallet white boys.

Gray Back said...

All eight of us voted NO. City will ram this down our throats anyway.

Anonymous said...

Campaign should be building to a crescendo, it is important to energize folks around simple messages:

We don't like corruption in this town, or fixes. We don't like corporate slam jobs, we don't like sloppy processes that obviously have inadequate consideration on key futures that impact the region for fifty years. We don't like arrogance in our officials, it is not their private pond. We expect to see intelligent, open, carefully developed plans that obviously include the deliberate addressing of how autonomous will change designs of the airport, how an Amazon dimension would radically change our plans there, how tech will change processes and designs, and there really isn't a rush before that is well factored into our go forward plans that lock in fifty years of our possibilities. None of these things have been clearly addressed, the vote would be on a pork wrapper for the usual insider suspects, and the public doesn't want that, even if they spread around enough loot to get nodding from other pork participants at the trough.

It is that simple in the end. I came back from a trip to Detroit about six months ago, overheard the flight attendants, laughing, talking about how much they enjoyed Kansas City as it was so simple, quick, and easy. Now we know we need a better face going forward, but Church of the Resurrection was about 90 million if I have my facts right for their new super facility. You mean for three of those you couldn't achieve outstanding lighting, bathrooms, restaurant/entertainment options and holding areas. BS, BS, BS and the public knows it, that is why they have pushed back so hard.

It didn't help with all the trumped up arguments the political fixers contrived, that we had to, that our shabby maintenance was unavoidable, that just trust the corporation was a good policy, that Southwest demands it, they did just fine for 20 years, we will improve, but they should realize the bs underway and play an appropriate role when we are trying to run an integrity process.

What is being voted on, is do we allow corrupt fixes, pork games, arrogant worst practices, to be how we conduct business. On Tuesday the public has a moment to send a message, we don't do corrupt fixes, or sloppy processes in our town and let them get away with it. The pork machine needs to have a comeuppance.

This decision is not appropriate for being treated as a rush job, nor is it Sly and Troy's private pond, despite what tantrums they throw. Vote, Vote no, Vote Hell No and bring integrity of process and respect for real development of options back to front and center for the greater metropolitan area. Go and look at what the Church of the Resurrection did for 90 million and then say with a straight face we need 1.2 billion to get something outstanding done. The powers that be have you voting on an empty financial box, and that is wrong.

Anonymous said...

From the Hipster Manifesto:

"Most of us cannot afford cars. (Starbucks only pays so much, you know.) And those who can afford cars do not like them, so we have decided that such car-friendly facilities as Kansas City International Airport are much too convenient and must be replaced with, for example, a single-terminal airport so that when our hipster friends come to visit us we will be able to hold our heads up and be proud of the fact that we will have an airport that is just as inconvenient as those in larger cities. If you do not like this, you can always move."

Vote yes. Make a hipster happy.

Anonymous said...

i heard freedom inc is giving out 20 bananas each for a yes vote !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just voted no. While I was waiting I was people watching. Out of 20 people, 6 were younger faggot men. The two faggots I actually talked to said they were voting no as they thought the city had fare greater needs than building a new airport.

GKCA said...

^^^ Did you know there was a study among men over 50 that reported most men with erectile dysfunction question the masculinity of other men as a sign of self defense and preservation. Sorry your junk doesn't work @9:32 - Please don't take it our on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

@9:11AM-Liar! First of all you don't know 8 people! You're a worthless piece of shit Nazi. Nobody loves you. Second, if there really were 8 of you, these in-bred bastards would be too fucked up genetically to walk let alone vote. So go fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I read the KC Star editorial where they listed reasons for a new airport: convenience, safety, more flights, affordability, etc.
It reminded me of when I would ask out a girl and she'd give me 10 reasons why she can't go out: homework, not feeling well, weather, car etc.
It was really none of those reasons. She just didn't want to go out with me. Just like it's none of those reasons to build an airport. The City just wants one.

Anonymous said...

He said Nazi! Take a drink!

Anonymous said...

See y'all at the groundbreaking!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Cities and Airports are about to be transformed, in ways that haven't even been factored into current undeveloped go forward plans-

Real experts at the front lines get that, while KC has pour concrete/urban planner types who are missing the show on this

Airports and Cities are about to be extraordinarily changed, it will be a progression, but current planning constructs have no deep understanding of this on the evaluation team with this factored in. A rushed financial package was negotiated, but surprise, surprise, there was no time to actually develop out smart futures in the plan with subject matter experts who know these topics in detail. Clarkson, Edgemoor, they don't have this in their expertise. We know it is beyond Sly and Troy to understand as is demonstrated by their approach


Bob Lutz weighs in on the transformation, but it should reduce parking requirements over 5-10 years by half to two thirds

"In Automotive News, auto industry legend Bob Lutz gives his view on the future of mobility and sounds a death-sentence for his previous employers... and dealerships. He says, "We are approaching the end of the automotive era" within 20 years. (I prefer to call it "The Mobility Revolution" but...)

Of particular note is the role he ascribes to fleets, such as Uber, Lyft, UPS and the USPS. "Every few months they will order 100,000 low-end [autonomous] modules, 100,000 medium and 100,000 high-end", and the effect on the current OEM brands. (This will be familiar to readers of "Corporate Mobility Breakthrough 2020")"

Rushing the timing when a great change is about to be realized is a result of a rushed, and one dimensional evaluation process, designed to rush pork. We can come up with 20 questions that will show exactly how undeveloped and off the mark the empty financial box of a plan is, and how it is a wrong minded approach to getting the best futures for fifty years lined out.

Strangely, Kansas City has found a way to have no autonomous efforts underway, compared to Boston at least five, Phoenix probably five, Austin probably five, Pittsburgh at least three, San Francisco around twenty five. So we are missing in action on the revolution of our cities and airports, because the usual suspects want pork, in rushed fashion even though the plan is undeveloped. That and they want to protect an outdated notion of Streetcar extensions, though those are irresponsible financially and relatively weak transit. Now we get to watch this all play out.

Anonymous said...

@9:14 and 9:55 - Way too wordy. Nobody is going to read that shit.

Anonymous said...

anybody heard what the new airport will be named?

pendergast international was cited as a joke but it might really work.

first, it'd create huge publicity immediately and in the future.

second, it would honor one of the forefathers of modern kansas city, missouri.

third, it would preclude cleaver or james international.

truman international is another possibility and not tainted like pendergast. but it's too predicatable.

or, maybe the city should sell the naming rights to help fund construction. cerner international or warren buffet international.

better yet, why not amazon international. yeah, we should offer that for free as an enticement. it's not too late and that could make a difference.

Anonymous said...

And we'll not just get to watch how this all plays out, but to suffer through it.
Watching Sly and the gang is like watching a group of kids who think they know how to fly an airplane as they excitedly go up the ramp and into the cockpit.
So far so good, but now they're about to start the engines.
Look at other even much smaller capital projects that KCMO government has undertaken and factor in the fact that a lack of maintenance was one of the early rationales for the airport terminal project.
No real plan.
No financial details.
No hard fast contracts.
The likelihood of cost overruns like the East Patrol fiasco.
And all overseen by the same crowd that is responsible for the chaotic untruthful process that got this all this far.
It's all unlikely that this will make the rest of the country view KC as "a world class city".
More like amateur night on the plains.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the name is going to be "Kansas City International Airport".

Anonymous said...

About insure as trump looking over His wife's shoulder to see if his wife even voted for his ass

Anonymous said...

It would seem that local government and big businesses telling their employees to vote yes will determine a low-turnout vote, unfortunately.

If a survey or a vote of the whole metro area were done, the boondoggle would have been defeated. Ditto a vote of frequent flyers.

One can take solace by remembering that it'll still be a medium-sized airport and can't be made too inconvenient even by trying. Eric Adler's article in the Star supported that when he visited three medium-sized airports.

If it's a real financial fiasco, an eventual bankruptcy in a recession could rational the structure.

Anonymous said...

Mid-Continent International. That way it'd match the code MCI.

Anonymous said...

Trump International, to honor our President.

There's Reagan and Kennedy.

Kansas City should use Trump to nail it down

Anonymous said...

KC Intranational, as in not flying international.

Retro ROCKER said...


Retro ROCKER said...

After this election it is time to clean up city hall. In the past the Feds would be all over a city or state employees if it even look like they were involved in corruption.

Anonymous said...

Why did Center send out multiple emails to their employees telling them to vote Yes?

Why did Center also set up voter registration booths in their cafeterias for this vote?

Tell me something shady is not going on here.

Slick James baby!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Cerner stupid autocorrect.

Gray Back said...

Hey 9:40. One of my eight no votes was your nasty momma. Skull fucked her just before going in to vote. Tonight I'll try to be gentle with her, one the other hand I might go after your little sister.

Anonymous said...

^^Dude stop with that shit. I know it's hard to get knocked the fuck out every time you post something, but this shit here just makes you look desperate instead of just sad.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny, millenial faggot.. it’s also undoubtably true. You’re the one who got knocked out, pussy.

Anonymous said...

^^just an FYI for you nancy...those who usually toss around the word "faggot" are those most insecure about their sexuality. Come on out. It gets better!

Anonymous said...

I voted no, wife voted no. I believe that over the next few years we could be due for a new airport, I just want comprehensive studies done on all the possibilities so we can build a GREAT airport, not this rushed process that has not addressed all concerns, simply because Burns & Mac and the unions are so desperate for work that they hijacked the process and here we are really not sure that we are getting the best option. Let’s start over and take the time to do it right.

Anonymous said...

That’s so stupid. Did you get that from Dr Phil?

Anonymous said...

I voted no. Anything Sly wants can’t be in the best interests of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

If you posted some links for Hy Vee coupons, you could maybe be of relevance to someone other than the uniformed trolls who frequent your site.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And speaking of uninformed trolls who frequent this site... .

Anonymous said...

The Polar Bear is really the power in Killa City. He called the airport election 3 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

We love Paul! what a fine gent. Best comment guy in KC! I think some of what he says is a bit inappropriate bit he is good for a laugh.