Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Midday Break

Hottie Leanne inspires us to take a brief moment of respite as we check some of these top Kansas City MSM top links for today. Dive right in . . .

Golden Ghetto Decides New KCI Design

Kansas residents will get a say on new KCI design - Kansas City Business Journal

Despite its lack of a vote in the plan to design, build and privately finance a new $1 billion single-terminal Kansas City International Airport (Code: MCI), Kansas residents will get their own time to weigh in. That's because the team led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC plans to hold at least one public design workshop at Johnson County Community College, KCUR reports.

Kansas City Building Boom???

Number of new single family homes in Greater Kansas City reaches 10-year high

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Developers are building more homes in the Kansas City metro area than any time since 2007. Statistics collected by the Homebuilders Association of Greater Kansas City show municipalities in the nine-county metro permitted 4,639 single family homes this year through September.

The Great Meth Town Smoke Out

Independence City Council votes to cut number of tobacco-only shops in city in half

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- You are no longer welcome here -- that is the message Independence leaders are sending to one type of business they say is hurting the health of our children. National studies show cigarette usage among teens is falling, but the number of teens using "other" forms of tobacco is on the rise.

Local Po-Po Travel Guide

KCPD Encourages Safe Travel throughout the Holiday Season

The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department wants to remind drivers that the best, and simplest, way to protect themselves from injury or death in a motor vehicle crash is to wear their safety belts and that they should make sure the passengers in their vehicles, especially children, are buckled

New Kansas City Brew Debuts

Tap List | Strange Days Brewing is Ready to Brew

Strange Days Brewing Company (316 Oak St.) continues on pace to open by the end of 2017 in the River Market. The brewery, housed in a 4,500-square-foot building that was once part of Muehlebach Brewery, recently passed its health inspection.

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Anonymous said...

McMansions for all! The great recession is over!

Anonymous said...

KCPD Encourages Safe Travel throughout the Holiday Season
WOW! KCPD must have worked around the clock to come up with this one.

Bowtied Silverback said...

If Kansas has a say then Kansas should also pay

Anonymous said...

Relax, 3:28pm.
NOBODY has any real say in the design of the airport terminal and wasting time going to the usual dog-and-pony shows is a joke for folks with way too much time on their hands.
The design will be an off-the-shelf replica of terminals being built around the country and have no features whatsoever tailored to the expectations of the KC locals.
Going to see a good movie or reading a book would be time much better spent.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Cutting the number of smoke shops will turn Independence around. It will be a paradise.