Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday First Look

We start out fancy and early this morning with tribute to the body of work of our favorite pr0n star Sophie and then all of these Kansas City MSM news links. Checkit:

Talking The Kansas City Old School

Making Kansas City More Dementia-Friendly, And Being Judged By Your Bumper Stickers

Rarely do public places and spaces in the U.S. cater to the needs of people with dementia. Today, we find out how advocates in Kansas City are creating social events and activities to help reduce the stigma surrounding the condition, and make the world an easier place for folks with dementia to navigate.

JoCo Traffic Tragedy Report

Motorcycle rider in serious condition after being hit by car in Olathe

OLATHE, Kan. -- A motorcycle rider is in serious condition with critical injuries Monday night after being hit by a car in Olathe, police say. The motorcyclist was hit while traveling east on Santa Fe Street over Interstate 35, Olathe Police Sgt. Logan Bonney said.

KC Career Checklist

Top 5 highest-paid occupations in Kansas City - Kansas City Business Journal

This week, the Kansas City Business Journal ranks the 50 highest-paid occupations in the area by total compensation. The accompanying gallery shows the top five on The List. For the full List, subscribers can take a look at the weekly print edition of the Kansas City Business Journal.

Kansas City Uber Driver Comeback

'A miracle:' Kansas City Lyft driver who was shot 3 times comes home from hospital just in time for Thanksgiving

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "At first, it was very tough. It was heart-wrenching," Monee Roston said about the Oct. 29 shooting of her husband. Antoine Roston, 41, told police he was picking up a passenger at The Landing Eatery in Liberty when Patrick Pulse, a fellow Lyft driver whom Roston had never met, approached Antoine's vehicle, shouted an expletive at him, shot at him six times and then spit on him.

More Deets On Mayor Sly's Arty Party
City-wide, 60-day arts event 'Open Spaces' will take place fall 2018
Kansas City Pet Cause Generosity

Man who raised money to buy beds for animals in shelters begins donating

MISSION, Kan. - One man raised more than $15,000 to provide new bedding for dogs and cats at all the shelters in Kansas. Scott Poore volunteers at animal shelters in the Kansas City area, and noticed that laundry was a big job at many.

Kansas City Chiefs Defining Moment

Alex Smith's career at critical juncture as Chiefs' free fall continues

7:00 AM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Alex Smith 's career, one that has had its share of highs and lows, is at yet another tipping point.

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Byron Funkhouser said...

I watched him end his career with Kansas City by throwing an interception late in the game. Though he did help stop it from being a Pick 6.

The look on his face said it all. He knows he's done.

Anonymous said...

Byron, the blind disability scam man.

Anonymous said...

Picking on the disabled is bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Motorcyclists in KS: ATGATT

Anonymous said...

Sorry Northeast, just like the Southern Parts of KC and the Northland, you get to watch your share of the Neighborhood Tourism Development Funds go into yet another BIZZARRE BABOON BAZZAR in Swope Park this year!

What do you want to bet we can guess the ethnic background of 90% of the "Artists" that will be displaying themselves?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, B'lieRON is disabled alright. He's delusional and dishonest if he thinks his inconsistent declarations as to his "sight impairments" and his "debilitations from arthritis" go unnoticed.

Simply put...Funky be rammy a scammy on da taxpayers ta Uncle Sammy!

Anonymous said...

Sensuous Sophie has BEAUTIFUL, BIG...
...blue eyes.