Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday Link Look

Quick look at all things Kansas City right now inspired by Lucy and her Instagram body of work which speaks to a greater truth beyond the gender idendity politics of the moment. Take a peek:

Impressive Kansas City Commitment

Immigration lawyer Angie Williams gives legal help to asylum seekers - and a kidney to husband Francisco Ortiz

Angie Williams is at her desk, on her phone. She's at her desk a lot of the time, on her phone more than that. Williams is an immigration lawyer. And if her profession had somehow not existed before Donald J. Trump was elected to the White House, this turbulent year would certainly have forced its invention.

Latest Traffic Tragedy This Morning

2 die in crash on I-435 in south Kansas City

Two people died in a crash early Saturday morning on I-435, south of Bannister Road.

More Deets On Zuck Rock Chalk Talk

Mark Zuckerberg makes stop at KU, speaks to students

In front of a select group of KU students, Facebook's founder chatted with University Provost Neeli Bendapudi about building a social media empire, forming online communities, and some of the controversies surrounding his company. "This is an area where we have a great responsibility," the 33-year-old billionaire said.

Lesson In Alleged JoCo Misdeeds

More than $7,000 missing from Olathe elementary school's PTO fund in apparent embezzlement case

OLATHE, Kan. -- Police are investigating what they are calling an embezzlement case after they said more than $7,000 was found missing from the Briarwood Elementary Parent Teacher Organization fund. The district confirms they are aware of the investigation. Briarwood Elementary posted about the incident on its Facebook page.

Kansas City Footballer Domestic Drama Report

Chiefs DT Roy Miller arrested early Saturday

Kansas City Chiefs SOURCE: Kansas City Chiefs Chiefs defensive tackle Roy L. Miller was arrested early Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida, on suspicion of domestic battery. Miller is scheduled to be in court Saturday afternoon. According to the booking sheet, Miller was arrested just before 5 a.m. Miller joined the Chiefs this season.

Weekend Forecast Look

First Alert: Mostly cloudy, chance for rain later today

We'll see mostly cloudy skies for your Saturday with chances for rain later this afternoon and evening.

Fuzz For A Good Cause
Competition between the Independence and Lee's Summit Police departments getting hairy
Even More Kansas City Artsy Talk

Artist-Run KC: A Conversation with Caleb Taylor on The Polish and Perseverance of PLUG Projects

This interview took place in the new West Bottoms studio of Caleb Taylor, a PLUG Projects founding member Melaney Mitchell: Who was involved in the original founding and what were some of the founding ideas? and alum. PLUG is a curatorial collaborative artspace run by a rotating group of working artists, writers, and thinkers.

Marshmello - You & Me is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Funny how a liberal zuckerman has a platform that gave the communist a say in US election.. are those that use fakebook complicit? Poor stupid Hillary- can’t even use email.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer is such a yummy weather hottie

Anonymous said...

The best competitions for the police were the ones where they tested how many times they cold forget to read criminal and DUI cops their rights in order to get them a pass. That was topped off with teh city manager competition where they checked how many times a city manager could get a drunken blow job in an alley and get off scott free. They also competed in how many old lady traffic offenders they could place face down on I-70 and how many teens they could taser into cardiac arrest without going to prison. A really fun one was how many vehicle accidents they could cause by chasing minor traffic offenders all over Jackson County and even into Kansas. New new and final competition was how many times officers could shoot each other in the line of duty and sweep it under the carpet. All for a great cause!!!

Super Dave said...

Chiefs defensive tackle Roy L. Miller was arrested early Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida, on suspicion of domestic battery.

Upstanding member of the National Felon League

Anonymous said...


When Lucy interrupted her Pilates to inspect the molding work, the manual laborers really plastered her!!!