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Right now we celebrate hottie Megan Fox and her career ups & downs along with all of these Kansas City MSM news links served up for tonight. Take a peek:

Talking Northeast Anti-Crime Tactics
Letter To The Editor: I am fed up - are you?
Kemper Rehab Team Legal Fight

Legal embers flare after St. Joseph fire lawsuit targeted Kemper Arena developer

A lawsuit over a burned-out building in St. Joseph has inflicted "reputational harm" to Kansas City-based Foutch Brothers LLC, says a claim by the developer behind Kemper Arena's amateur-sports makeover. In a federal court filing Tuesday, Foutch Brothers claimed the damage to its reputation was intentional and part of an insurance company's efforts to "coerce" acceptance of a low-ball insurance payout on the historic brick structure.

Tenuous NYC Connection

Platte Co. prosecutor says he was surprised to learn NYC terror suspect was stopped in Platte County

PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd held a news conference regarding New York City terror attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov on Wednesday. "It certainly comes as a surprise, when just yesterday, I was watching the horrible acts in New York City unfold, and then, I learned later in the day that we had in fact, prosecuted this man for obviously a minor traffic violation," Zahnd said.

Kansas Movie Moment

With Local Shorts, Area Filmmakers Have A Moment At The Kansas International Film Festival

Kansas Citians who know Bev Chapman from her days as a reporter at KMBC TV are likely to be impressed with her 14-minute documentary film "Soaring Back: Message to the Future." With spectacular footage, it chronicles Kansans' successful efforts to revitalize the area's population of bald eagles.

All Things Alford This Holiday Season

Fox 4's Mark Alford to emcee mayor's tree lighting, Santa's arrival in Lee's Summit

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - When Santa arrives in Lee's Summit this month, Fox 4's Mark Alford will be there to welcome him. The morning anchor will be the master of ceremonies when Santa makes his debut for the annual Mayor's Tree Lighting on Nov. 17 in Lee's Summit.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Alford's the only local "Celebrity" they could find that could fit into the Santa's Elf Costume they have. Bet he's gonna look so cute in it.

  2. What a loser!!!!!!

    1. ^^^ Meanwhile, most of your family doesn't even want to see you for the holidays.

  3. Is he gonna use a step stool and sit in a high chair?

  4. Megan Fox is a whore

  5. Ho, ho, Ho is not a proper way to refer to your morning news team co-workers!

  6. I am attending KIFF this year, of course--not only for these great local shorts, but many full length narratives and documentaries. Plus, once again, Brian Mossman has scored four "studio films" so we see sneaks about 6 weeks before they open for the holidays. (Last year it including Lion and Jackie. This year we get bragging and screening rights to see:
    Last Flag Flying with Carrell, Cranston and Fishburne
    The Leisure Seeker, with Mirren, sutherland and Janelle Maloney
    Darkest Hour, staring Garly Oldman as Churchill!!!!!!
    The Upside with Kidman and Cranston.

    this Friday thru Thurs. the 9th. 24 directors attending. It's Sundance week at the Glenwood Arts, without Robert Redford. But hey, trolls--come find me and snap a fresh photo. Tony will post it. Be a hero with your other troll friends in your man caves! I dare ya...

  7. Somebody warn Alford about that young guy that likes to climb inside of a duffelbag and block foot traffic in public spaces!

  8. The only local shorts I watch are those involve hot babes and porn and, trust me, the KC porn industry is growing like crazy.


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