Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Kansas City Morning Look Pool

We begin our Kansas City morning with Brett and her beach life goodness as we check all of the top local links . . . Take a look:

Kansas City Internets Fear

Woman warns others after scammed out of $1,200 on Craigslist real estate ad

We've all seen Craigslist scams and thought we'd never fall for one of those -- until you do. That's what happened to a skeptical single mother who thought she had done her homework, finding a great rental house for herself and her daughter. Then, she realized she'd been scammed out of $1,200.

Morning Traffic Trouble

Crash snarls traffic on westbound I-70 near Lee's Summit Road

NewsChopper 9 SOURCE: NewsChopper 9 A crash has snarled the inbound I-70 run at Lee's Summit Road. The injury wreck was reported about 6:15 a.m. Wednesday in the westbound lanes of I-70. At least two vehicles collided. Tow trucks moved the vehicles out of the lanes of traffic about 6:45 a.m., but the backup in that area continues.

Bye Week Contemplation

The good and bad news for the 6-3 Kansas City Chiefs

Week 10 approaches and the Kansas City Chiefs are headed into their annual bye week having lost the swagger that defined the first five games of their 2017 campaign. The team, losers of three of their last four contests, has ostensibly lost its way and appears to be a shell of its former "best team in the NFL" self.

Historic Northeast Tradition Rolls On
8th Annual Kansas City Tweed Ride
Riverside Fear After Nasty Knot

Employees worried about safety after finding noose at Riverside manufacturing plant

RIVERSIDE, Mo. -- Some employees at a car parts manufacturing plant in Riverside say they're worried about their safety at work after they say a noose was hanging in a rear section of the plant.

Kansas City Forecast Today

First Alert: More sunshine, slightly warmer for your Wednesday

Need some sunshine? We're finally going to get it Wednesday. Temperatures will also be slightly warmer.

Taking KC Artsy Text

Riverfront Readings in November 2017 - Kansas City infoZine

Riverfront Readings in November 2017 Kansas City, MO - infoZine - Hadara Bar-Nadav is the recipient of fellowships and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Society of America. Her newest book of poetry, The New Nudity, is forthcoming from Saturnalia Books in 2017.

Shawn Mendes - Bad Reputation is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many millions of tax dollars we could save if we put nooses on the front doors to the welfare offices.

Anonymous said...

Or check this simp...we poison all of the Viagra supply as well as all blood pressure medicine supply. How about we also line all of the Depends supply with arsenic. How fun would that be?

Anonymous said...


The gallery was shocked when I selected my wood to play through the sandy hole!!!

Anonymous said...

Another Craigslist scam, meh
yet another I-70 crash, meh
Chiefs either win or lose, meh
more Bike Nazis on the streets, meh
some Asshole works in a plant in Riverside, meh
November weather, meh
more Artsy-Fartsy shit, meh
BRETT'S BUTT, zowiee!

The WILDMAN said...

^^^ Wildman, that's just sad. You should enjoy your morning read and be just a bit more witty with your analysis. That comment was meh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wildman, Meh!

Anonymous said...

Brett's booty for the win! As for Craigslist, I'd rather go with Amazon.

Anonymous said...

That pig better get off the beach before the Eskimos come along and cut her up.