The Kansas City Midday News Checkout

Our midday update imagines Gwenny at the grocery store as part of a consumer fantasy as we feature some of the most important Kansas City MSM links for right now. Take a peek:

Billion Dollar KCMO Assurance

Edgemoor executive: New KCI design will not sacrifice convenience

A fair number of the Kansas City voters who will determine the future of KCI at the ballot box Nov. 7 are concerned about convenience, a matter the contractor says is being addressed. Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate officials have held multiple meetings with the public over its plan to build a single terminal at the airport to upgrade the current layout.

City Market Hipster Aftertaste

Boulevard's first cider draws inspiration from City Market - Kansas City Business Journal

Boulevard Brewing Co. is stepping outside its typical offerings with a new cider that draws inspiration from Kansas City's City Market. The name and flavor profile of City Market Cider is a nod to the popular gathering spot and farmer's market, which "represents a place where chefs and home cooks come together to show and taste the best flavors in the region," according to a release.

Show-Me Vaporware Project Defended

FAQ: Is it all hype? Tunneling into Missouri's chances for Hyperloop

But the prospect of Kansas Citians reaching St. Louis in only 23 minutes is more realistic than many think. Hyperloop is a 760 miles-per-hour transit system described as high-speed rail travel in a vacuum. A series of interconnected tubes create a low-pressure environment in which levitated pods are propelled by electric motors, gliding with limited friction at speeds that surpass air travel.

Rock Chalk Pollution

Kansas Energy Officials Review Legal Options After Errors Found In Oil Wastewater Permits

Kansas' energy-regulating agency is trying to determine why permits were issued for half a dozen wastewater wells whose operators didn't accurately inform nearby residents of their rights to protest the wells. The deficiencies were discovered by a resident of Matfield Green in Chase County who objects to the wells, into which companies can pour hundreds or thousands of barrels of oil- and gas-related wastewater per day.

Kansas City Doggie Update

Vets discover needle in dog's stomach after firefighters rescue her from duplex fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A near-death experience at a fire may have in fact saved the life of a local dog. Firefighters rescued the female bull dog from a duplex fire Friday, but it was a discovery afterward that may have made the biggest difference.

Cowtown Garbage Plate

Kansas and Kansas City restaurant inspections for Nov. 1

Here are area restaurants with 7 or more priority or critical health code violations, with highlighted links to some original public record reports by city or county health inspectors. Restaurants correct most violations at the time of the original inspection or shortly thereafter.

Kansas City Snacking Journalism

Order Up | Popculture Cornfetti

Order Up | Popculture Cornfetti

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  1. if no tax payer money is being used to bulid the airport why do we have to vote on it

  2. KC Hyperloop = PC terminology for escape hatch

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    Asked why she slipped off her skirt and hopped on the conveyor belt, the nearsighted blonde said she was waiting to be scanned by the man with 10 inches or less!!!

  5. The Top Photo will be commonplace in ten years when Wla-Mart starts selling Chinese-made Sex Robots.


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