Saturday, November 11, 2017

Steve Rose Seyz Prez Trump Could Bring Down Johnson County Congressman Kevin Yoder

Credit where it's dude . . . An insightful column from this Golden Ghetto power player offers a historical perspective and great information on how the Democratic Party has turned the tide in this gilded enclave. Read more:

Why Rep. Kevin Yoder could lose his re-election bid in 2018

Kevin Yoder is used to skating to victory. This time around, he may find himself skating on thinner ice. The three-term Republican congressman from Kansas' 3rd District - mostly Johnson and Wyandotte counties - has won by 10 percentage points or more in almost every race going back to his days in the Kansas Legislature.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Steve Rose that ran his newspaper in the ground and dropped out of his run for Congress?

Anonymous said...

Once again Rose's abilities as a "journalist" are shown to be badly wanting.
The oldest adage in politics is "you can't beat something with nothing".
Which is what will be running against Yoder in November 2018.
Rose should stick to writing about issues that he knows something about, if only he could figure out what those might be.

Anonymous said...

Rose is trying to catch up with Hoopz and Sanchez in telling tall tales.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. He has the magic R behind his name and in Kansas that is all it takes. I sincerely believe Kobach will be the next governor because in a country full of stupid people Kansans are among the dumbest. Source- I am a Kansan.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ Nope we are smart, that's why we don't live in Missouri

Anonymous said...

So when and to where are you moving, 12:18? Or are you like the Hollywood elites who threaten to move but never do?

Anonymous said...

^^^ When did I say I was moving? When did I threaten to move? I can live here and acknowledge a significant percentage of the people of this state consistently vote against their own best interests. Since you voted for Brownback I'm sure, why don't you give us his list of amazing accomplishments that have made this state better?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Steve Rose can read a poll.

Yoder might lose?

Way to go out on a limb.

Steve said...

If my memory serves in 2016, was it Steve Rose who stated the Jay Sidie would beat Kevin Yoder? Truth! He should write an article looking at both the Democrat and Republican Parties an ask this question ..."Is there a difference?" "Do either party still uphold their Fundamentals of their party?" Or are they Just and "Establishment Meld" of both parties?"
Yoder is what I call a Political Weatherman.... everyday he sticks his finger up in the air and feels which way the Political Winds Blow and acts. Whoever the Democrat is after the Primary I pity him with all the scandalous activities in the DNC and The Clinton Foundation with the Urainum 1 Deal which is short of being a treasonous act how can he face voters to get elected.
Wait and see who wins their primaries before you Shoe anyone in.
It's a Mess! As people off the 3rd District we need to get someone to distance us from the Federal Government before they suck us in and force us to relinquish our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Fake story like Urainum 1 impacts Joco race?

Take off the tinfoil and turn off the Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

Objectively, Yoder is in trouble just reading the historical numbers. If there is a wave where generic dems are favored nationally by 8 or more points, this is a seat that goes blue. The Virginia results last week show the trend. Loudoun County is a affluent area with high concentration of college educated voters that identify as moderate GOP. It swung big to D. Joco has the same demographic.

KS-03: Kevin Yoder: This suburban Kansas City seat is the most vulnerable in the state with a narrow R+4 PVI. Romney won it by 5 points in 2012, followed by a Hillary win in 2016 by 1 point. Kevin Yoder has held the seat since he won it in 2010, but hasn’t racked up a huge incumbent advantage, winning it by 10 in 2016. A bunch of Democrats are ready to challenge for this seat so get ready for what should be a hard fought and close battle.

By the way, KS-02 could also flip like it did in 2008.

KS-02: Open (Lynn Jenkins)

This is an R+10 seat that Romney and Trump both carried by double digits and one that incumbent Lynn Jenkins took by 28. Why is it competitive then? Mostly because Jenkins is vacating it, but more importantly because of who Democrats might land to run: Paul Davis. Back in April, Davis announced he was exploring a bid for congress in this seat. Davis is best known as the 2014 Democratic nominee for governor, who lost to Sam Brownback by a narrow margin. Why is he a good recruit here? Because he actually won this district in that gubernatorial election despite losing statewide, meaning he has regional appeal. And with an open seat, if Davis runs, Dems would have a serious shot to steal this dark red seat.

Anonymous said...

No 8:29, I didn't vote for Brownback. Unlike you, I didn't just sit on my ass and bitch - I moved to a better location. Good luck in your frustrated, pathetic life.