Saturday, November 18, 2017

Steve Rose Argues For Selfish Johnson County Denizens Of Kansas City New Airport

In this screed, the newspaper and their only respectable pundit pretty much admit that Kansas City was fleeced for the sake of middle-class suburbanites. Read more:

Johnson Countians will be the biggest users of the new KCI. Listen to their voices

As we plan for the future of our metropolitan area, one important stakeholder's voice hasn't been heard sufficiently. But there is still time to correct course. It is totally understandable that Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate, the winning bidder on the construction of a new $1 billion single terminal at Kansas City International Airport, would want to take a victory lap around Kansas City, where voters resoundingly approved the project.


Anonymous said...

We need a mooch tax for Joco jack offs that use the airport. Like an extra$50 per ticket. We need something similar for the stadiums.

Anonymous said...

I am banging several different married JOCO sluts and I feel kind of guilty about that. For that reason. I would be against any special airport tax.

Anonymous said...

STFU, Rose!

First of all, the meetings are open. Anyone can attend. So if you can figure out how to get your lazy, catered ass to KCI, you can get to a meeting that’s half as far. Or are you concerned that you might have to share the room with someone of color or perhaps someone who, gasp, buys suits off the rack? If you can’t put in a little effort, your opinion is not welcome while those of us in KCMO do all the heavy lifting and provide you with a skyline, major league sports and entertainment and the ability not to have to say you live in Wichita.

Btw... the hard-working heroes at Ft. Leavenworth made their USO and other desires known months ago.

I’m beginning to think that we need to turn the KCI road into a toll road and just charge JO tags.

Anonymous said...

I live in JOCO and truly and fully appreciate all the Missouri voters do for us. The Truman Sports Complex, Sprint Center, Power and White District, toy train, and now a spiffy new air;port etc. etc..

Anonymous said...

To once again show how out of touch Steve Rose is, the largest number of passengers using KCI come from Leavenworth county, not Johnson County.

Kansan Bettadanyu said...

Go axe babymama in Mizzurah how she be voted fo de ayport! Hahahaha!!!