Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Show-Me School Board Lawsuit Teachable Moment Against Missouri Guv Greitens???

OR a political gambit confronting an increasingly popular politico despite partisan and inter-party slap-fighting. Read more:

Joplin pastor sues Greitens over removal from State Education Board

A retired pastor and current chaplain for the Joplin police and fire departments is suing Gov. Eric Greitens for removing him from the State Board of Education. Tim Sumners was appointed by the Republican governor and sworn in earlier this month.


Anonymous said...

Greitens does own a necktie!

Anonymous said...

Greitens? He a dumb-dumb.

Anonymous said...

Want a laugh? Google Courtland Sykes, one of the weirder Republican Candidates for U.S. Senate.

Dipwad is nothing more than a Greitens Clone, they must be stamping them out by the dozen in some factory in suburban St. Louis.

The Alt-Right is rapidly becoming more and Moore like a Clown Car every day.

Little bit scary though, people in 1928 laughed at Mussolini a lot, too.

Anonymous said...

^^^ compared to such morally upstanding elected Democrat politicians like Al Franken, John Conyers, Bill Menendez, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, ..............?