Show-Me Planned Parenthood Stays Losing Appeal For Quicker Missouri Baby Killing

More good news for Friday in the ongoing struggle against the of the most barbaric acts of medical malpractice in the modern era that most American's oppose . . . Planned Parenthood Loses Second Challenge To New Abortion Law


  1. Why that PP in Columbia don't need no complication plan. They just kill that baby, give a sucker to the 13 year old girl, and turn her over to her Uncle Badtouch...

  2. The KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALTION is not please.

    But please do not expect a relevant comment from them, or on anything else for that matter.

    Thank you.

  3. Women have a right to abortions. There's no life is something is not born yet. Gvernment needs to be eradicated.

  4. The unborn human is certainly alive...if it were dead it would rot inside the mother.

    You are a fool.

    As are women who kill their own offspring.

  5. Modern women have every right to be healthy and we know how healthy it is to get drunk or drugged up, drop your panties, fuck like a dime hoe, get knocked up and kill your unborn. It just is the right thing to do.

    -Joe Fucking Libtard!

  6. Rep. Tom Murphy, R-PA11/4/17, 10:53 AM

    Abortion should be illegal in all cases - unless it's my paramour that gets pregnant.

  7. ^^^ seconded by "Reverend" Jesse Jackson.


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