Tuesday, November 21, 2017


$7.70 was an insult and wage theft crime against workers . . . A few more pennies isn't going to make a difference as petitioners are still pushing for $15-per-hour via a statewide vote. Checkit:

Missouri's minimum wage set to rise - St. Louis Business Journal

Missouri's minimum wage will increase Jan. 1 15 cents, to $7.85 per hour. The increase comes under a state law that dictates the rate be calculated once a year based on the cost of living as measured by the previous year's Consumer Price Index.


Anonymous said...

If people don’t like working for minimum wage, maybe they should get a better paying job. They might actually have to acquire more skill and improve their effort, but it can be done.

Anonymous said...

It's a measly increase because the Consumer Price Index measly rose. Why should a no skilled worker receive a higher percentage wage than anyone else?

Anonymous said...

If all Americans would back President Trump we would get a bigger tax cut. That is really the only way we are going to get a worthwhile raise. Increase the standard deduction.

Anonymous said...

I hope robotic cashiers eliminate half of the fast food jobs in Kansas City. At some point, we'll quit seeing these no-talent liberals protesting for $15 an hour. If machines will fry french fries and assemble Big Macs, even better.