Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Show-Me Kansas City Northland Traffic Danger Amid MoDOT Cash Crunch Hard Times

Traffic in the nice part of down becomes increasingly dangerous as the financial situation for Missouri declines. Checkit:

As MoDOT funds dwindle, KC worries about increasing traffic in Northland

As Kansas City officials weigh options for fixing or replacing the Buck O'Neil Bridge, there is another concern - increasing traffic north of the river. In 2011, there was an average of 44,000 vehicles a day traveling on I-29 from 152 Highway to 169 Highway.


Anonymous said...

I hope MoDOT can still afford to pay Joey Turner his minimum wage salary. He is the poster child of what a Mizzou grad can aspire to be.

Anonymous said...

MoDot and KC won't need to spend anything, this is the Northland!

Ever since KC annexed the area north of the River in 1951, the Northland's role has been to pay taxes and get nothing.

Over and over the residents north (37+% of population, 50+% of geographical area, 65+% of all City revenues, NOT including the Airport), have been fed an unending stream of Promises, Pretty Pictures, and Proposals, while getting far less in the way of City Services than the "Southland".

City Government views the Northland as a source of revenue only.

This problem too shall be ignored!

Retro ROCKER said...

If you want to depend on the government for services you will have a long wait. Be self sufficient and you don't have to be Amish. .

Anonymous said...

The people of St. Joseph can’t stand the creep. Read what gets posted in the opinion page of the local paper almost every day.

He’s a household name up there and not a good one.

Just the facts please said...

The northland is big enough to pull out of KC and run their own city government.

Anonymous said...

^^^And you’re dumb enough to hold that duel titles of class dunce and village idiot.

Anonymous said...

Poster at 12:15 p.m. - we need to de-annex from KCMO. If they ask us to repay the infrastructure costs, that's where we have them by the nuts. There aren't any improvements in Clay County. Hey Jolie Justus, how about taking a bus tour through the chunk of city that was hacked off and included in your district south of the river? See the run-down houses with the junk furniture and broken down cars out front. See the trash strewn around houses because the renters don't bother to pick it up. See the lack of curbs, sidewalks and sewers. De-Annex now.

Anonymous said...

As an example check out all the apartments being built at 169 and Englewood Road, oh wait. They'll probably pack them full of section 8ers, never mind. There goes the Northland.