Friday, November 10, 2017

Show-Me Flakka Wild Times For Missouri Town

Whilst the newspaper is transcribing campaign finance deets on Show-Me State GOP partying, here's a far more interesting story of Missouri good times via a party drug that has a steady supply in the heartland. Take a look:

Missouri Town Overwhelmed by People Running Wild, Stripping Naked and Barking

click to enlarge If you thought your weekend was wild, it still has nothing on what went down in Sullivan, Missouri. The Franklin County town - population 7,126 - allegedly witnessed some bizarre activity this weekend, with people running through streets, barking like dogs, racing into homes thinking they were being chased, breaking into a nightclub and stripping naked in order to shower in soda and fountain water, according to a brief report in the Sullivan Independent News .


Anonymous said...

Can we get free Flakka distribution in the Eastside here?
Two or three days of free handouts ought to thin down the streetshit population quite a bit.

Don Cardinal said...

Who are these creatures smoking bootleg Meth? I've never seen Meth or coke who does this shit?