Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Show-Me Dating Danger In Missouri

Locals are most likely to meet a potential killer and/or fattie by way of online hook-up sites in this part of the nation. Local newsie clickbait but still cute and more relevant than the Missouri education slap-fight underway, read more:

Study: Missouri most dangerous state for online dating

Missouri has been named the most dangerous state in America for online dating. Researchers looked at statistics from all 50 states and ranked the Show Me State dead last. The study, conducted by, looked at violent crime and STD infections and the frequency of identity theft.


Anonymous said...

The only women I don’t use condoms with are married JoCo women. If I fuck some slut I got at Westport I always wrap it.

Anonymous said...

^^What about the nancies you get from Liberty Memorial? You wrap it then too, or take it bareback?

Anonymous said...

I guess I need to rethink my membership in, eh?