Thursday, November 16, 2017


Police reviewed spy cam footage and helped to document a litany of charges against this denizens of KCMO streets. Checkit:

Homeless man charged in Tuesday's stabbing near 9th, Prospect

A homeless Kansas City man has been charged in Tuesday's stabbing near 9th and Prospect in KC. According to the Jackson County Prosecutor, 40-year-old Sonny R. Scott faces charges of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, and two counts of armed criminal action. According to court records, police went to the area of 9th and Prospect on a reported stabbing.


Anonymous said...

So sho did he stab? If he stabbed some hood rats then we should give the guy a medal even though he didn’t kill them.

Anonymous said...

Homeless people are dangerous animals. Never give them money and never give to charities that help them. Donate to legal defense funds for conceal carry citizens.

JoCoPost said...

Have you ever done that test where you split the face in two?

Look at just the right side of the face in the photo--fairly vibrant.
Whereas the left side is totally different--he looks dead. Disconnected. No empathy for the folks he stabbed.

Just an interesting exercise.
Makes one suspect he might be at least bi-polar.
Lots of mental illness amongst our homeless population.
And no money for treatment. Or even shelter and isolation from the public.

Emmanuel Cleaver said...

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Anonymous said...

Lesson learned, keep your distance from the panhandling people on corners, and be ready to protect yourself when they approach you. Perhaps if the police did their jobs in enforcing the panhandling laws, we could walk the streets safely.

Anonymous said...

Crafstman makes killer tools.