Saturday, November 25, 2017

Rock Chalk Rebuke Against Charlie Rose

Kansas University push back against a #MeToo suspect amid ongoing culture war debate. Read more:

KU to rescind National Citation award given to Charlie Rose

KU's William Allen White Foundation Board of Trustees has voted to rescind the National Citation award that was presented to journalist Charlie Rose. A statement from the university's journalism school sent out on Friday said: "Since 1950, the William Allen Foundation National Citation Award has honored American journalists who exemplify William Allen White's ideals in service to their profession and community."


Anonymous said...

I love the Charley Rose interview with Kevin Spacey, where they talk about standing by Bill Clinton during his 'Monica" days.

It's so nice, that Hollywood and the 4th estate take some time out from raping each other to tell us all how to lead our lives and preach about what is moral and ethical in this modern age.

Nothing is sweeter than watching Hollywood stab itself to death. Even that unlanced boil, Lena Dunham is catching hell.

Anonymous said...

Child abuser gotta hang together.

Anonymous said...

A Rose is a rose is a perv.

Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought trying to score some straight sex would ruin your life.

Anonymous said...

Screw KU