Monday, November 27, 2017

Rock Chalk #MeToo Lawsuit Resolution

Update on nasty allegations against KU and a bit of collegiate success if stifling media sensationalism that has otherise embroiled the nation. Checkit:

Lawsuits Over Alleged Sexual Assaults At KU Have Been 'Resolved'

Two former student athletes who sued the University of Kansas after claiming they were sexually assaulted on campus have dismissed their Title IX cases against the university. Both lawsuits were dismissed with prejudice, meaning they can't be refiled. Typically, such dismissals mean the cases have been settled out of court.


Anonymous said...

As part of the agreement KU will require all pussies to be super glued shut prior to admission at the University.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, most KU male students are effeminate homosexuals. Women are quite safe at KU.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Why do you say such patently false garbage?

An anonymous man wants us to know he's heterosexual?

Why? Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Who cares what you say, Funkhouser?