Monday, November 20, 2017

Progressive Public TV News Dude Charlie Rose Confronts #MeToo Charges And All Top Ranking Kansas City News Tonight

The latest in the long litany of TV personality dude disgrace subsidized by viewers like you.


WaPo: Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls

Fox News: CBS, PBS star Charlie Rose suspended after sexual misconduct claim: 'I am greatly embarrassed'

New York Daily News: Charlie Rose suspended from multiple networks after eight women accuse him of sexual harassment, groping

And now closer to home . . .

Kansas City Crash Site

Emergency crews ordered to establish a collapse zone after a partial roof collapse off of Woodland

Emergency crews ordered to establish a collapse zone after a partial roof collapse off of Woodland Police originally called fire crews to the scene to investigate a roof collapse The Kansas City Fire Department is investigating a partial building collapse near 33rd and Woodland.

Newspaper Now Transcribing Democratic Party Talking Points

Hawley illegally paid Senate consultants with state campaign funds, Democrats allege

A Democratic legal fund is pressing the Federal Election Commission for an investigation of Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, alleging that the Republican's state campaign illegally paid consultants for his Senate bid. State campaign funds cannot be used for federal campaigns.

Rock Chalk Broke-Ass Reference

Invoking Lincoln, Brownback urges Kansans to make peace

In proclaiming a Week of Reconciliation in Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback invoked the words of a president pleading for peace in a nation on the brink of civil war. Brownback on Friday declared Nov. 19-25 as a Week of Reconciliation in Kansas. It's the seventh consecutive year he has issued the proclamation, which covers the week of Thanksgiving.

Help Solve KCK Teen Killing

Police release photos of vehicles seen leaving laundromat where KCK teen was killed

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Family and police are looking for the public's help to identify a suspect in the murder of a 15-year-old KCK boy. December Htoo was found dead Saturday morning inside a laundromat near 34th and Gibbs Road where he worked part-time.

The Kansas Chicken Dance

Tyson Announces New Tennessee Plant, Says Kansas Still in Running for Facility

Tyson Foods announced Monday it will build a chicken processing plant in Tennessee similar to one that had been planned for northeast Kansas. State officials say Kansas is still in the running for another facility. The chicken plant in Humboldt, Tennessee, will be similar in size and cost to one previously planned for Tonganoxie.

Show-Me Highway Money Solution

With MoDOT's Tank Nearly Empty, a Fuel-Tax Increase Might Be the Answer

If you are younger than 36 years old, then Missouri hasn't raised its gas tax since you started driving. But that might need to change. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) is arguably underfunded for the job it is being asked to perform.

Kansas City Airport Flying High

KCI Steps Up Efforts To Attract International Flights - And Johnson County's Feedback

Kansas City International Airport is broadening its horizons, hosting a community design meeting for the new terminal in Johnson County after all and stepping up efforts to attract international air service. Pat Klein, city director of aviation, said today at least one design meeting will be held at Johnson County Community College, with potentially more depending on the interest.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I'm watching all these politicians, celebrities and now journalists, and laughing at it all
For years these same people have mocked and insulted people they viewed as inferior to they're self appointed status as our betters
I hope they keep shaming them all
It's about they're victims get payback

Anonymous said...

MO needs recreational weed to pay for roads.

Anonymous said...

Another criminal in DC.

Anonymous said...

What will Cleaver and Claire have to say about this?

Anonymous said...

I love Steve Rose asking for a seat at the design table on behalf of all the JoCo frequent flyers. He asked for a little respect; something he did NOT show to the KCMO opposition to this huge giveaway. I believe he said we were idiots, fools and a host of other insults because we were asking questions about funding. Now it seems he wants the idiots and fools to let JoCo and Leavenworth folks decide the type of terminal. Hmmmm.....I'm sure you will get your way, Steve-o. But shut your mouth and stop insulting the Missouri folks who are paying for ALL JoCo's goodies.

Anonymous said...

Tyson chicken plant in Kansas? Like Kansas needs any more Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Tysons = Perfect example of poor people wanting jobs, but refusing to work.