Overland Park Jobs Survive For Now: Sketchy Sprint T-Mobile Merger Officially Stays Losing

A minor win for a nearly abandoned JoCo campus and so many telcom workers who justifiably welcome their luck holding out for just a while longer . . . As do we all . . . Here's the best write-up on the sordid American economic tech outlook:

T-Mobile and Sprint finally, officially, say they definitely won't merge

T-Mobile USA and Sprint today finally gave a definitive answer about whether they will merge, saying that the companies have stopped negotiating and will remain independent entities. The wireless carriers "were unable to find mutually agreeable terms" and want to "put an end to the extensive speculation around a transaction," they said in a joint announcement.


  1. I used to work at the Sprint Campus. Feces was everywhere. I once spent an entire shift looking for a toilet that wasn't sprayed with feces. I never found one.


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