Thursday, November 16, 2017

Newsflash: Council Dude Scott Taylor Desperately Seeking Kansas City East Side Vote Amid Mayoral Run

Even the biz journal is calling it a campaign ploy . . .

Councilman introduces legislation to revive KC's east side

Councilman Scott Taylor introduced legislation on Thursday aimed at reviving the east side of the city. He said there are some small projects currently happening in the area but that more needs to be done. "The idea of this is to speed up the pace of redevelopment," he said.


Anonymous said...

Instead of continuing to play amateur real estate developer, at which he and the other members of the electeds in KCMO are clearly failures, why doesn't he emphasize an aggressive plan and effort to curb the out-of-control violence and murders on the east side?
No one is going to invest private money or try to start a business in that kind of environment and the tax money that the city continues to pour into black holes like 18th and Vine produces very very little of consequence of either economic growth or jobs.
And oddly enough, public safety actually IS a responsibility of city government.
Subsidizing anybody with a "plan", a good pitch, and a pulse is NOT.
Same song, different verse, and a new face.

Anonymous said...

When they speak of the east side why doesn’t it include the whole east side and not just the one that stops at prospect, call it what it is people, the central core, the bottomless pit of wasted money, none of these plans ever actually includes the real east end of town that goes to independence and raytown.

Anonymous said...

Scott's not dumb -- well, not that dumb. He knows freedom's game. Show me the money and we show you the votes.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the neighborhoods of folks who pay the most taxes. I think a state auditor needs to take a close look at KCMO and its spending.

Hillary Clinton said...

Pandering to the black vote? That’ll get you elected.