MARC Seyz Kansas City Economy Is Cool

Financial reassurance from a group that thrives on more public spending and local taxpayer debt . . . Take it or leave it:

KC Economy - Stability in a Sea of Uncertainty

We presented the region's 2018 Economic Forecast last week at The Greater Kansas City Chamber's annual Economic Forecast Breakfast. The economy is doing well with no sign of a recession in the foreseeable future. Its steady pace since the end of the Great Recession makes it a beacon of stability with in a sea of uncertainty...


  1. Marc on the economics, should really have you comparing the narrative of the bigs with what is going on out there. KC is not outshining peers, and that invites analysis of actual results from the Entrepreneur, Google, Big Five, Airport mantra.

    How we went no where with Google, how the big five just kind of faded away, how Marc has us a no show with autonomous and ai issues, which are critical to the major techs.

    One week Frank says we aren't keeping up, the next week he says everything is rosy. Frank, read what the leading hedge fund is saying about the economics of the lower 60%, and that is not pinko commie talking either but instead a hard nosed analyst.

    KC is getting outplayed on leaning into future and partial responsibility goes to a generation of business and political leaders that are rather mediocre at meaningfully doing that. As the so called regional planning body, how does Marc go along with planning processes and evaluations like we have seen related to the airport. Frank, look at all the data, all the results, and figure out what is really going on not the rubber stamp of the narrative because some folks might be unformfortable

  2. MARC is completely useless. The graph is just a bunch of crooked lines on paper. The area has not been improved because of their various studys. Another "civic" group that adds nothing to the city.


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