Monday, November 20, 2017


The FAIL of local officials in fixing an ongoing problem was apparent this year whilst most of the 12th & Oak agenda was focused on condo/loft development and new toys for some of the biggest corporations in town . . . Check this ground round-up report on the problem:

19 years after deadly storms, Kansas City continues to struggle with flooding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On October 4, 1998, Orlando Hudson went to the store to pick up candles and cough drops. He never made it home. "I know that he had a lot more life to live," Hudson's sister, Sharon, said of her brother. Hudson's car was swept away by raging floodwaters from Brush Creek.


Anonymous said...

But we need a new airport to take us into the next century!

Who cares if you peons lose everything you own.

I didn’t tell you to move there, it’s your fault you chose that area to live in.

Sincerely yours, bow tie sLIE!

Anonymous said...

Started with Kay “power to the light district” Barnes, blew right past funkytown and completely skipped over by sLIE James International airport. The downtown and airport are the only things that matters mayor.

Anonymous said...

It will always be MCI on the map.

Anonymous said...

A new airport will take care of all of these petty problems.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and how did the FAA get "MCI" out of "Platte City International Airport" anyway?

Anonymous said...

I personally would rather read about violent crime rather than financial crimes