Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Kinda Trashy: Show-Me Latest Pitch Hit Piece Against Prez Trump Appointee

It's garbage not because of the obvious partisan hack job but because most Kansas City residents don't really sit around wondering about the life and times of not-so-deep state government appointees. Take a look tell me if we learned anything new from this report:

Cathy Stepp, this region's unlikely No. 2 administrator at the EPA, dislikes regulations - and transparency

Donald Trump's surprise factory pumped out a local mystery in August when the White House appointed Cathy Stepp to a top position at the Environmental Protection Agency's Region 7 headquarters in Lenexa. Stepp is well known in Wisconsin, where she has taken sharp stances against environmental regulation. But what's she doing here?


Gray Back said...

What;s she doing here? Fixing a broken local EPA!

Unknown said...

Just talked with someone last night who works at the EPA's Kansas City office and apparently the Pitch is out of touch with what they are reporting. The head of the local office (a Trump appointee and I can't remember his name) gave a moral boosting speech that resonated with the EPA staff and its mission - protecting kids from lead, safe drinking water, etc. etc. Stepp has had a low profile but staff believes her efforts have been aligned with her predecessors. This article is an attempt at a political hit job meant to follow the left-wing media narrative - "TRUMP IS EVIL AND SO IS ANYONE THAT SERVES IN HIS ADMINISTRATION". The sky is not falling.

Anonymous said...

He is evil. ^^^^ Anyone who does serve in his administration is a fucking toad.

Anonymous said...

Given that Obamy spent eight years taking care of his boys Sly and Emmanuel and not demanding KC follow EPA mandates any bitching about the current EPA leadership needs to be deferred.