KCPD Touts Transit Unit Amid Increasingly Dangerous Kansas City Commute

Last year our blog community touted the need for a Kansas City Transit Authority and our posting on the topic impacted local policy . . .

Here's the new top cop noting increased security amid the season of violence for patrons of the bus and streetcar . . .

KCPD Chief: Partnerships increase safety on KC's public transit

Money line . . .

"Last year, we established a Transit Unit with the KCATA. Two officers are assigned full time to patrol bus stops and routes and respond to any incident involving a KCATA bus . . .

"I’ve also lost track of how many great social media posts we’ve gotten from people riding the Streetcar who are happy the police are there. They often send us pictures they’ve taken with the officers and say how much they appreciate the officers’ presence and positive attitudes."

Read the post in its entirety.

This year there have been fewer attacks and shootings involving but that might be related to a crackdown on public information rather than increased security.

The KCATA serves hundreds of miles of local streets and police patrols couldn't possibly secure all of it. Meanwhile, tourists and hipsters aboard the toy train streetcar enjoy a disproportionate amount of police protection compared to denizens of the bus in order to secure City Hall's sketchy investment.

You decide . . .


  1. There's still a lot of violence on the bus. And it always gets worse when the weather gets colder for some reason. Don't forget just last year a man opened fire on the passengers of a midtown bus with a semi automatic weapon.

  2. Propaganda.

  3. ^^^ Absolutely. Also, Transit Unit sounds like the title of a porn movie. Not a good one.

    Glad that Tk posted so we can call it out. It seems like this new Chief already is having trouble living up to expectations.

  4. Aside from Gun violence and violence in high profile commercial districts keeping the public transportation safe in this town should be a top priority.

    It is bad for everyone when people are afraid to ride a bus or streetcar for fear of violence or mugging. While most of this bullshit happens on eastside routes you are still penalizing the working poor who stand out at freezing bus stops and get attacked by gangbangers and mentally ill people.

    Are they still dealing crack on the Maxx? The last two times I rode there were two very obvious drug deals taking place. Perhaps that is why we are seeing an uptick in violent crime in the bus.

  5. I guess to feel safe I'll just live on the streetcar.

  6. The public should feel safe not only on public transportation but walking down any street in Kansas City.


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