Monday, November 27, 2017

KCK Triple Jeopardy OR Justice???

Like it or not, the appeal writes itself despite some horrific deets involved in this troubling case. Here's a comprehensive follow-up on a horrific story that so many news outlets have forgotten . . .

Man charged with killing young KCK mom heads to trial for the third time

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A man accused of killing a young mother is expected in court Monday. This will be the third time Antoine Fielder has been tried in the murder of Kelsey Ewonus. Police found Ewonus's body inside a parked car in Kansas City, Kan., in June of 2015.


Anonymous said...

Do you think she liked red?

Anonymous said...

I would bet there are black activists on those juries that refused to convict a black man of killing a white girl.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is wearing out their knees for things like this! Watch the next game and think about this poor women. ENJOY

Anonymous said...

"You think OJ was innocent? You've been selected to be on our jury!"

Anonymous said...

Burn the black cunt, burn, burn him alive.

Anonymous said...

This is the best case scenario for allowing police to keep on shooting black men.

Anonymous said...


My guess it's the black women on the jury who voted not guilty. Black women can't stand seeing a black dude with a white woman. the hell with considering the factual evidence that would support his guilt.

It was the black women on the OJ jury who voted not guilty for the same reason. They could care less about the facts... and evidence pointing to his guilt.

Indian Creek Hate Crime Victims said...

This is no, NO anomaly.

This is what your white Progressive, parasites insist, does not happen.

But, it does happen, it happens in an almost unbelievable consistency.

Why is it unbelievable?

Because, the press, the 4th estate, the lickspittle press, lies, hides and obfuscates the reality of black criminality.

White Progressives, self aggrandizing filth, bet, that THEIR children, THEIR loved ones, THEIR friends, will not be victims of the tsunami of Black on White Hate Crimes, or, the random criminality of blacks.

That gives them space.

Space to pretend that the truth is a lie.

Time, space, subterfuge and the 24/7 News Cycle killed my friend Mike Darby just as much as the fuckin bullet.

Progressives pretend, no, they don't pretend, they know, they don't care.

They want power, money, influence and if your friends and family die under the hand of BLACK - Black on White Hate Violence, then too bad. THEY, Their families are ok.

Anonymous said...


I'm so very sorry for your loss.

It's so true... the progressives are in denial. Not willing to accept factual evidence of the black on white crime, even when it confronts them or their loved ones. Insanity for sure.

my butt hurts said...

This is, no, NO annomally.
This is what, you're white, Progressive, parasite's insist. Does not happen.
But, it doe's happen. It happen's. In an almost, unbelievable consistency.
Why is it unbelievable?
Becuase the press, the 4th estate. The lickspittle press. Lie's, hide's and obfascate's. The reality, of black criminality.

White Progressive's. Self aggrandizing filth, bet. that THERE children, THERE loved one's.
THERE friend's. Will not be victim's, of the sunommi. Of Black on White Hate Crime's. Or the random, criminality, of black's.

That gives them space. Space. The final Fronteer. Space, to pretend, that the truth. Is a lie. Time. Space. Subterfuge. Number's. Money. The 24/7 News Cycle. Killed my friend. Mike Darby. Just as much, as the fuckin bullet.

Progressive's pretend. No they dont pretend. They know. They dont care, that they are responsable. For all my failure's.

They want power. Money, influence, and if your friend's and family. Die under the hand of BLACK - Black. On white hate violence. Than to bad. THEY, There family's, are ok.

Anonymous said...

MANY prayers for the family ewonis , hoping that the scumbag inner city youth scholar's hood rats that murdered your daughter gets the vengeance of the Lord and is reduced to dust sooner rather than later maybe by the grace of God !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mudsharking is dangerous in every, single, circumstance. I don't really feel anything about the woman that put herself in that situation, but my heart breaks for the baby that will grow up in the garbage that is the social system.

Anonymous said...

Shudup, B'lieRON! Your envy and immaturity is obvious. Don't you have a white sheet to put on, and a wood cross to set ablaze for when your friend Hilly drops by to commemorate her good bud Byrd with ya?