Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kansas City Tuesday First Look

We start our early morning with Lucy inspiration and then get up from there . . .

Kansas City Anti-Violence Training Day

Youth Violence Program Comes To KCK, And KCMO Court Gets National Recognition

Today, a look at how a new initiative is gearing up to combat youth violence in Kansas City, Kansas. Then, we get some insight into the Kansas City Municipal Domestic Violence Court. The U.S. Department of Justice's STOP Violence Against Women initiative recently awarded the court "mentor" status - the first municipal court to earn such a distinction.

Golden Ghetto Gunfire Redux

Driver thankful to be alive after shot at on Shawnee Mission Parkway

A substitute teacher was driving down Shawnee Mission Parkway on Friday evening when someone opened fire shattering his car window and leaving him thankful to be alive. Reese McDowell, 21, is overwhelmed with the support he's received and grateful to not just be alive but to have no injuries.

Old School Video Store Revival

Local video stores experience surprising popularity from loyal customers

Not all that long ago, it seemed like there was a Blockbuster store on nearly every corner. Then the bottom dropped out, video streaming became all the rage, and video rental stores went the way of the dinosaur. Or did they? On a recent Friday night, KCTV5 News checked out the Family Video store in Shawnee, Kansas.

Meth Town Doggie Search
Wild search for missing Independence dog leads owner, police to nearby home
Celebrate Latest Plaza Hotspot

Rye on the Plaza set to open this weekend, plus your Thanksgiving week food and drink events

April Fleming Wednesday, November 22 Webster House (1644 Wyandotte) is hosting a dinner of pre-Thanksgiving indulgences tonight, beginning at 5. This $40, three-course dinner ($15 for kids; prices do not include tax or gratuity) is conspicuously absent of turkey but does include options such as truffle-braised beef short ribs, citrus-glazed Corvina bass, cassoulet sausage with duck confit, and grilled Hatfield Farms tenderloin.

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Lucy interviews to work on the Charlie Rose show!!!

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Last Super Bowl was in 1970! Lamar Hunt hated paying the bonuses the players earned. His philosophy still present in sonny Clark Hunt was...

Just be good enough to make playoffs occasionally, Never play past the first post season game as winners. Save paying players big bonuses. Keep money in your own pocket not theirs. KC Fans are suckers and will comply. Oh and raise parking fees each year.