Thursday, November 16, 2017

Kansas City Troy Schulte Ruckus Tonight

Tonight's gold standard of the KCMO discourse takes a moment to consider the "man behind the curtain" at City Hall and one of the strongest advocates of the local development agenda . . . In addition to some other ongoing topics worthy of a mention.

Check the description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews KCMO City Manager Troy Schulte about the next steps for KCI and the status of the convention hotel. Cynthia Wheeler, Danedri Herbert and Steve Mirakian discuss the status of KC's biggest projects, Kevin Yoder's chances of retaining his seat in the Kansas 3rd District race and the latest in the turmoil between Frank White and the Jackson County Legislature."

Take a look:

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Anonymous said...

And this is why we can't have anything nice.

A good talk about the dysfunctional politics of the day and the trend of the times. Basically, KC is working hard at giving away the store while the elected leaders are vying for more donations.

Jameson said...

One of the better episodes in a while. It's about time somebody questioned Troy on his strategy for the airport. He got his vote and now it's time for him to deliver. Look at his record so far and we'll see that KC has a great deal to be worried about.

Anonymous said...

What, me worry?

NO matter what happens we'll be alright as long as those 25 million tourists keep giving us enough revenue to keep paying our bills. Right? Now if that doesn't happen, we might be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I see what you did there. Lulz!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious to watch the GOP Apologists scream anytime anyone points out the FACT that all thee GOP Tax Reform Plans give it to the working Class right up the old bunghole while taking even more tax load off the wealthy, isn't it?

Mike barely kept his two GOP lapdogs under control this round.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you Dimmocrats have been repeating that line since the 1980s. It's getting rather stale.

Anonymous said...

What a clueless bunch regarding what's going on at the Jackson County Courthouse. I get sick of Mike Shanin talking about Frank White being a team player because he played baseball. That was 30 fucking years ago. As County Executive Frank White has been a complete asshole. He thinks he's the dictator of Jackson County. He doesn't go to the Legislative meetings. He's spending about half a million a year on "communications," but doesn't communicate with the other elected officials at all. And he's refusing to even acknowledge the jail is hellish crisis. And the County Counselor isn't supposed to be Frank's lawyer. He's supposed to be working for the people of Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

Yup, @ 10:07, the folks who watched half their retirement vanish in the Reagan Recession, then a slight recovery occur under the Clinton balanced Budgets, and then saw that amount stripped away during the Baby Bush Economic Meltdown do tend to think that the thirty-five year long failure of what your own G. H. W. Bush labeled "Voodoo Economics" is getting a bit stale.

Maybe the GOP could look at the repeated failures of their core economic theory and try something different? Not likely, the Mark Hannah and Harry Sinclair 1888 conversion of a Populist Party into a mechanism for the support of the wealthy is probably too ingrained.

Guess the American People are just going to have to tough it out till the GOP joins the Whigs in the political scrapheap. The present administration seems to be doing everything it can to hasten that along.

Anonymous said...

^^^ damn dude, you throw out bullshit claims and think no one will check you? ROFLMAO

Your claim of people's retirements "vanishing" is unadulterated BULLSHIT. Look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the last 37 years:

Start of Reagan presidency: 946

End of. ". " 2,235

". ". Bush 43 7,949

". ". Obama 19,732

Today under Trump. 23,458.

Keep peddling your line of snake oil to the uneducated and lazy.

Anonymous said...

Institutional percentage of common stock ownership at the start of Reagan Presidency 42%, at end 87%, currently 93%.

Who the hell is stupid enough to have their retirement money in stocks?
Do you think you can outsmart computer programs that can generate profits off penny movements?
Do you think you can create a long-term investment plan in a Country that still permits "Leveraged Buy-Outs"?

Devaluation of the Dollar's purchasing power by increasing the National Debt is not economic growth.

Remember that the Laffer Curve has no numbers on it. If the tax rate passes the "optimal" reduction point then economic growth will slow.

The only tax cut that produced actual demonstrable economic growth was the one JFK put through in 1962.

Anonymous said...

^. YOU are stupid if you don't have the majority of your retirement funds in stocks, via index mutual funds. No wonder you're pissed off.

Anonymous said...

If I was the next Mayor the first guy to get his walking papers, effectively immediately would be Schulte.

Anonymous said...

When ever you guys are getting your asses kicked you flip to bigotry or misogyny. So much for the market place of ideas.

Anonymous said...

^ It's a marketplace of ideas with a few pajama boys that always try to horn in, then react like the spoiled little boys that they are.

Anonymous said...


After checking the Ruckus archives, we can now confidently announce that this episode marked the FIRST time in Ruckus history that Republican/Conservative panelists outnumbered the Democrat/Liberals. And this only occurred due to a last minute cancellation by Mr. Riley.

Regular Ruckus viewers will recall that until the producers were presented with proof of their politically liberal bias, they routinely had episodes composed of 3 Liberals versus 1 Conservative, and thought nothing of their lopsided discriminatory practices.