Friday, November 17, 2017

Kansas City Third Friday First Look

Hottie Megan Fox is mostly a lingerie model now and has graciously skipped a career making horrible movies. We respect her choice as we compile some of the top links for the morning.

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McTavish Makes The Weekend List

6 Moving Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Whether you're a real go-getter or more the sedentary type, moving options this weekend include activities related to basketball, bicycles and trains. Whew, I'm bushed already. Or you can sit relatively tight and still be moved by strapping aerialists or stirring musicians who, in their own amazing ways, know how to lift you out of yourself.

Kansas City Crime Double Take

Same thief suspected of targeting two mothers in as many days

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Police are investigating two thefts in different parts of the metro that targeted two women in as many days. Chelsea Taylor, 25, is a barber and a busy mom. On Monday morning, Taylor stopped at the Conoco at 7th street and Central Avenue to pick up milk for her kids before dropping them off at daycare.

Meth Town Receipt Crackdown

Fees, oversight at Events Center CID draw auditor's concern

A state audit released Thursday questions the administrative fees paid by the Independence Events Center Community Improvement District to the city of Independence and says the CID board lacked oversight related to project expenses.The taxing district was organized in late 2007 to finance land and construction of the Independence Events Center (now Silverstein Eye Centers Arena) through bonds repaid by an extra retail sales tax.

Can We Stop The KCMO Killing???

As Kansas City's homicide rate soars, leaders look for long-term solutions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In 2017, Kansas City is expected to surpass the number of homicides in 2016. 'Per capita', Kansas City's homicide rate is described as worse than Chicago's The health department believes targeting the root causes of homicides is more important than ever.

Celebrate Season Of Local Junk

'Holidays Come Alive' to kickoff the season in Downtown

Experience the magic of this Kansas City tradition, as the Holidays Come Alive this Saturday at Union Station. Celebrate the kickoff of the holiday season in Downtown on Saturday, complete with the largest indoor tree lighting ceremony; a breathtaking performance by Quixotic; free holiday mini-train rides; Astro Botanicals in Haverty Family Yards and so much more.

East Side Biz Squeezes Out Progress

Business owner wants to help improve blighted neighborhood

Breaking News The owners of a new restaurant hope to change the future of the neighborhood around 30th Street South and Troost. Ruby Jeans Juicery could set a new tone for business growth on Troost Avenue. The business opened on Saturday.

EPIC KCMO Booze Construction

Kansas City Breweries Co. will build 100,000-barrel brewery - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City Breweries Co. LLC plans to build a large-scale brewing and beverage manufacturing complex just off Interstate 435 south of Truman Road in the Blue Valley Industrial area. The new plant will have capacity to produce 100,000 barrels of beer annually, with additional capability for bottling private-label sports energy drinks, sodas, ciders and juice products for local grocery and convenience stores.

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Anonymous said...

We already knew that mayor sLIE James International airport doesn’t care about crime and murders and the popo can’t do anything because of him and the rest of the city lawyers but seriously, WTF? Now they have the health dept trying to figure out how to stop the murders, jeezus sLIE, your the worst politician ever, or is that all the crime is paying off for you?

Anonymous said...

Involving the Health Department in the public safety issue is just a way to access some more public money. It has nothing to do with addressing the actual issues of violence and murder.
Keep in mind that half of the original $600,000 spent on worthless Aim4Peace came from the Health Foundation, which was as wowed by the presentation made by the Chicago Phd who came up with the idea as KCMO government was.
These programs and others who would like to get on the gravy train are always dialing for dollars and looking for new sources of cash.
And in KCMO you can bet that the elected and appointed officials, city employees, and all the others who actually have responsibility for public safety will do everything BUT address the real issue.
They know who the bad guys are.
Get them off the streets.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City this is what you get when you put a person that looks and acts like a clown in charge of running the City! Mayor Bullhorn can't run a city nor does he care about the crime here, he has actually promoted crime and caused racial division in the city. Just look at his son.

Anonymous said...

The same old shit from the black "leaders". We need more jobs, education, blah, blah, blah. Businesses all over KC have help wanted signs up in the windows. Most niggers would rather go there in the middle of the night and burglarize the place rather than go up in the middle of the day and apply for a job. There are more programs for trying to educate black youth than you can count but they'd rather be out like their role model parents stealing, killing, robbing, raping, you name it. And when they finally get too old for that they join grifter groups like aim fo peace and cry about no jobs, no education, blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

Violence and loss of life is most definitely a health issue.

Could it be a lack of awareness that our actions have consequences, not only on us but all those in our surroundings communities?

Stopping the violence that leads to this tragic number of killings in the KC Metro area starts in the home.

Mothers and families are AWARE of their children's behavior. Especially if they own a gun and how they use their gun to commit crimes that leads to the murders.

The barbershops and beauty shops and nail salons all are aware of the "activities on the streets." Gangsters brag about their cowardly crimes against people & property. In fact the thugs bring stolen goods to these shops to sale and the owners and clients know they are buying stolen goods. Condoning criminal behavior and the destruction of the black community.

If people truly cared about the murders in KC, then they would make a courageous move and call out these parents, relatives, shop owners and take an united stand against criminal behavior.

The ministers and preachers know who commits crimes in the community and they need to speak out and demand a change.

I believe addressing the source (families, ministers, preachers, teachers, barbers, beauty operators, hair braiding person, nail techs) and demanding they STOP profiting off these crimes (against their own community) will bring an end to the violence and death in the inner city and surrounding areas.

Anonymous said...

The State is on crack if they think they have even scratched the surface of the shit going on with that Independence Events Center. They ticket racket is incredible. You can buy a $25.00 ticket for an event at this small venue and buy the time all the crooks get done with add on feed that ticket will almost triple. If you think I am bullshitting go try to buy tickets to an event at that place. To make it laughable they can't sell out a show, spam the hell out of people to buy tickets and can't seen to figure out why their events are not attracting sell out crowds. Now factor in that over half of the retail space in this enterprise zone sits empty and cheating on sales taxes is the least of the troubles waiting to bit the citizens in that neck of the woods. This entire mess was the pipe dream of the prior drunken ass city manager and the city commission that seems to think their positions are part of a Dog patch Boss Hog farting contest..

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

Better headline - White People continue to drink themselves into oblivion. Having everything handed to them from birth and the best idea they can come up with is a brewery with more than 100k barrels of booze. Natch.

Anonymous said...

^^^ YES!