Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kansas City Stays Losing Blight Fight And Provides Future Kindling For Cold Hobos

Nowadays City Hall is mostly interested in new toys . . . And so HUNDREDS of local vacant structures will now provide sanctuary for the homeless . . . And in turn we now enter THE SEASON OF DANGEROUS VACANT HOUSE FIRES while local politicos show off drawings of the BILLION DOLLAR new airport. Take a peek:

City works to tackle dangerous building list, demolish hundreds of structures

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A recent roof collapse at a brick building on 33rd and Woodland landed the structure under supervision from Kansas City's dangerous buildings division. The official dangerous buildings list includes hundreds of damaged and dilapidated structures around the city.


Anonymous said...

The City just wants to tear everything down and call it blighted. Half these homes could be saved with minimal effort. City’s too lazy and the Director of Land Bank too incompetent to manage it. It’s too bad they alienate people who could actually help.

Anonymous said...

5:45 if you knew anything about these houses you would know very few can be saved, most of these have fire damage or too much water damage to save. Hell, there was a crap ton of them with collapsed roofs and collapsed foundations. You sound more like someone that got rejected from buying because you didn’t have the 50 to 60 thousand dollars to fix one up. The other problem is these are in the shittiest neighborhoods you could ever see. I agree bout the director though, he’s a lawyer and a dickhead who plays more golf than works

Anonymous said...

350 on the current list from the idiotic 800 that sLIE promised to get torn down in two years, they aren’t gonna tear down 350 by may. That’s some trick talking there by the pr guy, they have over a thousand more on their list that didn’t make the original 800

Anonymous said...

After checking the city map showing dangerous buildings, I see what the problem is. The City is looking in the wrong place. They show 3 buildings in my neighborhood, one of which burned and was torn down right away. There are so many other houses in the area that aren't listed. This is a joke.