Saturday, November 11, 2017


Pretty sure that KCTV5 using a derogatory term often cast upon the Romani people is simply an unfortunate faux pas in an otherwise worthwhile bit of local journalism which offers great reporting revealing superstition used by a Kansas City charlatan. Checkit:

Kansas City gypsy with criminal past tells people they are 'cursed'

Nancy Marks is a convicted criminal who claims to have "psychic powers." An undercover KCTV5 News investigation revealed she's still telling people they are "cursed," but she is evading prosecution by carefully avoiding what got her in trouble in the past. One grieving mother says Marks showed up unannounced at her front door.


Anonymous said...

i wonder how many kids were told they were left on the doorstep by gypsies when they misbehaved. I was never told that.

Anonymous said...

She belongs in prison. Many of those spiritual advisers are full of crap, but at least they are honest. They basically charge a dollar a minute in person to talk to someone that just needs to talk. Cheaper than a therapist or a stripper.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy trash.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she can get a job with KCPD.
God knows what they do does not work.

Anonymous said...

The fucking coin artist gypsy marks family have been operating in the midwest for decades. They have more fucking scams going than Sly James.

Anonymous said...

10:44 a.m. Gosh, you win the prize - two sentences and you used the "f" word in each of them. Next time try to double the number. The "f" word is SO in right now.

Anonymous said...

The only "Psychic" worthwhile is the one who comes to your door, knocks, tells you what you need to know when you answer, tells you what they are going to charge, and tells you not to bother with a check, they already know your Credit Card number.

Anonymous said...

11:33 STFU

Anonymous said...

If you live in KCMO you are cursed.

Anonymous said...


Notice that these type of Psychic SCAM SHOPS open up primarily in "Democratic ran LIBERAL" Cities !!

The Democratic Liberals at CITY HALL even offer them Business Licenses & occupational licenses as well, for a fee of course like all businesses.

Now City officials know damn well these type of SCAM SHOPS are a scam, yet go ahead and permit them to obtain a business license anyway, whats that tell ya ????

These type of Psychic Scam Shops only do 1 thing and offer virtually NO real service, they are there to take advantage of NAIVE weak minded people who are clueless and mentally unstable,,,,,,,,,,

to STEAL ALL THEIR MONEY ALL of it thru Deception, Manuiplation, mind games, and in some cases "BLACK MAIL" !!!

The Report was somewhat good but it left out an IMPORTANT FACTOR ,,,,

Was this Gypsy Snake Oil Scammer here in this Country legally or illegally ??????

My hunch is she is here "illegally" and using a Phony name, obviously she is from down south, I'd say Venezuela and probably has been here for quite sometime decades since the 1980's according to the report from previous KCTV 5 investigation back in the 1980's.

Why do City Council's in these Cities allow these types of Gypsy Snake Oil scam businesses to operate by giving them permits and business licenses in the 1st place ????????

The City is actually allowing this type of Business to commit FRAUD, Corruption, thru Deciet & Deception of its Tax Paying Citizens !!!

I'd think the CITY could be sued for "Willful engagement" of allowing these type of Snake Oil Scam Scam shops to operate by offering them Permits and Business licenses and Occupational licenses in the 1st place, that makes the CITY liable as a Co'conspirator to FRAUD & Corruption under the RICO Statutes !!!

The CITY is knowingly and willfully allowing Scam businesses to open & operate that are "engaged" in "Criminal Activity" within its City Limits and also offering them City permits and business licenses to further the Criminal activity and Scams resulting in huge financial losses upon its citizens, residents and community !!!

A Damn good lawyer could file a lawsuit against the City for this and hold them liable as well for partaking in this kind of criminal enterprise, willfully & knowingly !!!

Another prime example would be CHOP SHOPS for stolen vehicles and merchandise, once the CITY finds out its a CHOP SHOP that's there to CHOP up stolen vehicles they are SHUT DOWN and raided !!!

WHY isn't this done with these Psychic Scam Shops, their involved in Criminal activity as well, stealing thru deception & Fraud !!!

PAYDAY LOAN Shops as we've all seen are another Criminal Enterprise that thru the years we've all seen raided & shut down by the FBI etc.

So why are these PSYCHIC Shops allowed to open, always in mostly "Democratic liberal" run cities - along with PAYDAY Loan shops, PAWN SHOPS, Chop Shops etc.

Liberals can YOU not see how your own Pathetic Party is lying to YOU and cheating you and manipulating you out of all your money thru TAXES and Scams !!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Dude, take your meds.