Kansas City Saturday Round-Up News Links

Doutzen hotness and most of today's Kansas City MSM links related to crime. Checkit:

Kansas City Frosty Ranking

We knew KC was cool. Now, we can add 'hip' to the list

Hipsters sick of $400 a night hotel rooms are setting their sights on Kansas City as their next travel destination, according to a story in today's Kansas City Star. Jetsetter.com - an invitation only travel community - has tapped KC as one of seven flyover "small towns" deemed "hipster" enough to give "XXL metropolises like NYC and LA a run for their money."

Regional Vet Disgrace Allegations

Former Leavenworth VA physician's assistant sentenced to 15.5 years for sex crimes against veterans

A former VA physician's assistant has been ordered by a judge to spend 187 months in prison on five charges of sex crimes against veterans. Mark Wisner, 66, was sentenced Friday for aggravated criminal sodomy, aggravated sexual battery, and three counts of sexual battery.

More Deets On Pig Pen Killer Daddy

KCK man who pleaded guilty to murdering his young son is now changing his story

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A KCK man who pleaded guilty to murdering his 7-year-old son now says he didn't do it. Michael Jones wants to withdraw his guilty plea, go to trial and let a jury decide if he is guilty of murder in the death of his son Adrian Jones.

Sleaze Summit Street Sweeper Charge
Lee's Summit Man Convicted of Illegally Possessing Street Sweeper Shotgun - Kansas City infoZine
Have You Seen This Old School Dude???

KCPD searching for missing 85-year-old man with Alzheimer's

Kansas City police are asking for help in finding a missing 85-year-old with Alzheimer's. Police said Joe Sloan was last seen about 2:30 p.m. Saturday near 78th Street and North Garfield Avenue. Sloan was driving a red 2012 Kia Altima with license plate DB4-L0H.

Kansas City Popcorn Coverage

Burnt Ends Chili Dog & Other Weekend Possibilities

The classic chili dog is getting an upgrade today as Plowboys Barbeque (1111 Main St.) debuts its latest menu item: a burnt end chili dog. "We've done chili dogs before, but the star was chili and the hot dog was just the vehicle," Plowboys chief pitmaster and co-owner Todd Johns said.

Kansas City Concert Scene

Slowdive hypnotized the crowd last night at the Truman (photos + set list)

Slowdive, with Cherry Glazerr Friday, November 3, 2017 The Truman On the heels of its first release in 22 years, British shoegaze pioneer Slowdive made a somewhat surprising stop in Kansas City just a week into its North American tour.

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  1. Doutzen has absolutely gorgeous haunches.

  2. Cool, hip, and broke.
    Millenial heaven!
    Oh. And FREE!

  3. In other words the guy had nothing on his record to prohibit him from legally owning firearms in near any state in the union, but the street sweeper is illegal for anyone without a Federal license and he didn't have one. It all makes good press, but I am betting this guy is not going to do a day of time unless the judge turns out to be an anti gun nut libtard. The judge won't get to even know about all those prior NON convictions until sentencing and that is only after they actually find him guilty of something.

  4. Let Michael Jones change his plea, but be sure both he and his defense attorney acknowledge that he is putting the Death Penalty back on the table if the Jury finds him guilty.


    As Doutzen lost her dress and shoes, and I positioned myself behind her, it was time to "Fall Back"!!!

  6. ....as if the VA doesn't screw all patients in the arse....

  7. The VA Doc gets his well deserved 15.5 years in prison, but the traitor Bowe Bergdahl gets 0?


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