Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kansas City Royals Rebuilding Redux

Actually, a worthwhile analysis that hopes locals forget that all of the stars are leaving for better teams with deeper pockets. Take a look:

Kansas City Royals: Full Hot Stove overview for 2018 offseason

Not all offseasons are built the same. The Kansas City Royals manufactured a hectic one last winter with a pair of trades. This year the franchise didn't have much of a choice. Everyone knew it would be a wild offseason as soon as the trade deadline passed.


Anonymous said...

Back to 100 loss seasons

Anonymous said...

^^^^^SO ? That’s baseball. Don’t like it? Don’t ever come back & quit watching it. Loser..go away

Anonymous said...

I will watch/listen because I like sport, but I now have a deep and abiding hatred of the NFL.