Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Kansas City Royals Free Agent FAIL

The World Series team falls apart and meager efforts from the front office can't keep them together . . . Take a look:

No Chance Kansas City Royals Bring Back Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas

The idea that the Kansas City Royals could re-sign two-thirds of their top free agents seemed so realistic during the regular season. Unfortunately, it's increasingly looking like a pipe dream. On Monday, as the free agent period officially began, MLB.com columnist Jim Duquette released his predictions for the top 25 free agents.


Anonymous said...

The best lineup the Royals can field on opening day will be Alex Gordon plus any eight other guys.

Gordo, Dr Rock, Gordy... whatever you want to call him he's the quiet leader of this franchise and his biological age or "true age" is probably 28 what with his already legendary workout routines both offseason and during.

Gray Back said...

Fans, for some reason, believe athletes are clamoring over each other to come to Killa City and play baseball. Wake up, it's strictly business no matter how much pussy is offered up.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh. Go away. You know nothing. It's evident every time you post drivel like this. Stop wasting everyone's time with your worthless rebuttal about fucking someone's mom. We all know your old as dirt, and haven't fucked in decades.

Anonymous said...

^^^ It's not "someone's" mom. It's YOUR mom.