Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Kansas City Psychic Exposed

After the celebration of superstition, check some EXCELLENT local reporting using a bit of reason and skepticism. Checkit:

Kansas City gypsy with criminal past tells people they are 'cursed'

Nancy Marks is a convicted criminal who claims to have "psychic powers." An undercover KCTV5 News investigation revealed she's still telling people they are "cursed," but she is evading prosecution by carefully avoiding what got her in trouble in the past. One grieving mother says Marks showed up unannounced at her front door.


Anonymous said...

" A Fool And Their Money Were Damn Lucky To Get Together In The First Place!"

William Claude Dukenfield

Gray Back said...

Couldn't predict her arrest, some psychic.

Anonymous said...

7:36---Thanks for the W.C.Fields reference.

Anonymous said...

These Marks family ass holes have been working the Midwest for decades. They have more scams than the old outfit.