Friday, November 10, 2017

Kansas City Potpourri Double Take Links

Here's a quick peek at a few items we've already links but might deserve a second look for readers this morning . . .

Kansas City Stays Calm After Deadly Pimp Cane Stabbing

Violence doesn't deter West Bottoms improvements

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Wednesday, night there was a double stabbing in the West Bottoms. People we spoke with are proud of the developments in the area, and they believe the crime was an isolated incident. Sean Hogan is the president of the Historic West Bottoms Business Association; his business is located in the area.

Kansas City Eco-Devo Redux

KCATA hoping to develop property between the jazz district and the crossroads

The job now is to find developers.

Data-Driven Crime Fighting

New crime coordinator for KCPD hopes to slow crime across metro by using statistics more effectively

KANAS CITY, Mo. - Getting in front of a problem before it gets worse. That's a known goal for many police departments but something the Kansas City Police Department hopes hard data will help them do much faster.

Local Gunfire Testimony

Waitress recounts scary moment when man is killed at Blue Springs restaurant

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Gunfire in a restaurant parking lot in Blue Springs killed one man Thursday. It happened near Interstate 70 and NW Woods Chapel Road. "I was inside, and we had a ladies luncheon coming in," said Michelle Lyons, a waitress at Bethlehem Cafe.

KC Tech Renaissance Redux???

How Google Fiber Changed Kansas City

The hope was that the internet and TV service could attract new businesses and create a future-focused city. But seven years later, how much of that dream came true?

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

The crime stat thing is great and all, but the best deterrent for crime is when the criminal fearing there's a good chance he'll get caught in the act or fleeing and a court system that will destroy him. Kansas City criminals have no such fear.

Anonymous said...


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